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  1. I missed Yaron Brook's appearance on Fox Channel's Dayside with Linda Vester. I, and I assume for those who also missed it, wonder if there is any external link to the video of this event? I could not find any, but was wondering if anyone else might know of one. Thanks in advance if you do!
  2. Thanks for the info. I am a little suprised it will be published that far out, but look forward to it nonetheless.
  3. I don't know if this is the correct forum for this question but here it goes anyway. I know Leonard Piekoff is currently writing this book, and I was wondering when it can be expected to be published. I could not find the information at his site and was wondering if anyone here has any info. Thanks.
  4. I don't think anybody has mentioned this movie. I am a bit suprised. The Right Stuff
  5. And here is another review of The Incredibles by The Nation. Suprise, suprise, Ayn Rand is again mentioned. Negatively of course. http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20041129&c=3&s=klawans
  6. http://www.observer.com/pages/frontpage5.asp Take a look at the above review of The Incredibles in The New York Observer. The Fountaihead and Rand are portrayed rather negatively. While The Incredibles’ battle against conformity and mediocrity screams anti-oppression to some, it’s obviously Randian to others. Big suprise! There are numerous other quotes and references that rather reveal the Soul of the Far Left. Hold your nose while reading.
  7. While I am glad to see us finally do something there, I am still very discouraged by the way it is being handled. We have all but anounced in the last couple of weeks, to the terrorists and insurgants, that we are finally coming. Result? Not suprisingly many have fled out of the city. This has been documented. It also lets the ones staying there to reinforce and dig in, making it harder and consequently more deadly for our own soldiers. We should simply have mobilized and prepared as much as possible, in as secrative way as could been done, and then tear through that city with as much suprise and overwhelming force as possible. This would kill more bad guys and save more of our own troops.
  8. I am a student of Objectivism and have read most of Rand including IOE and the beginning of OPAR, but am having a little difficulty with a part of it's epistemology. I understand how Humans eventually grasp the implicit concept "unit". A "unit" according to Ayn Rand is "an exsistent regarded as a seperate member of a group of two or more similar members". In OPAR pg 75 "this is the entrance to the conceptual level of man's conciousness. The ability to regard entities as units is man's distinctive method of cognition." What I do not understand is why this can not also be said of animals. Do they not in fact make this primitive leap? If a predator did not have at least the implicit concept of "unit" wouldn't a lion chase down a rhino or a Range Rover for supper, just as it would a gazelle or a water buffalo. Since the former does not occur and the latter does on a consistent basis, does it not imply that a lion undertsnds "unit" at least on an implicit basis? Ayn Rand has been a godsend (figuratively) to me as well as many of you. What am I missing?
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