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  1. Wow, I didn't think about that, thanks. It kind of explains why there were laws against drug addicts under Reagan. So you can have democratic society similar to free market fascism in which actions of unemployed that usually precede revolution will become crimes with very long prison sentences.
  2. So why are there laws against drunk driving?
  3. My explanation of great depression from other forum. Drunk people usually cause car accidents and therefore they are not allowed to drive. Poor people usually cause revolutions or demand redistribution of income.
  4. Is drunk driving a crime? Machines can completely replace humans therefore you don't need anybody for capital accumlation this process can be fully automated.
  5. Sorry for grammar, english isn't my first language. I'm not against Objectivism or Libertarianism but it's hard to implement them in real world. Free market fascism can be easily implemented and it is relatively good substitute for true free market economy.
  6. I'm not for oligarchy, small business can compete with big corporation in such system without government intervention. Only when you are poor you don't have any rights to avoid redistribution of income. Machines can do everything that humans can do therefore EVENTUALLY human labor will be replaced with machines labor and there won't be any jobs. It caused depression of 1921 which was very short. Great Depression was caused by something else (and don't tell me about Rothbard's book he is a liar)
  7. BTW that's not my phrase, Peter Schiff said it. Wealth accumulation can be fully automated. Well I don't know exact term for society where being poor and unemployed is a crime. Really??? Are there discussion boards for free market fascists? I googled it but couldn't find anything
  8. I read some of those books. Austrian/monetarists don't understand that free market capitalism leads to replacement of humans by machines. Wages don't grow in free market capitalism. Humans are obsolete. Goal of economy is to eliminate all jobs
  9. What kind of evidence do you want? Great Depression was created by excessive human supply, it's quite obvious. Free markets ensure fastest economic growth. It's obvious too. Free markets can't exist in democratic society since machines replace majority of electorate and majority would vote to destroy capital to survive.
  10. Free market fascism is only sustainable free market system. Free markets are inherently unstable. It's not bad thing in itself. But business cycles create unemployment which can lead to revolution or destruction of capital by government to create demand for excessive human supply(e.g. Great Depression). If being poor and unemployed was a crime then revolutions/destruction of capital wouldn't happen. First country to adopt free market fascism will experience huge economic growth because bourgeoisie will be able to exponentially accumulate capital and replace obsolete human workers with machines without any government intervention to protect proletariat. In the end such economy will reach 90-95% of world GDP. Everyone else will be mere exporters of natural resources because keynesian/socialist/marxist economies won't be able to compete with free market fascism
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