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  1. Excellent. Thank you. So much to read Tamara you and whose army?
  2. Hi, Newbie here. I've read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and was very pleased with both. I obviously only have a vague knowledge of Objectivism and am planning to pick up more of Ayn Rand's work very soon. With this in mind, I have two questions: 1. Having read the aforementioned books, which do you recommend I pick up next? I don't want to pick up a book that assumes one has more knowledge in the philosophy than I do as of now, and risk getting confused by not properly understanding her terms. 2. Is there some sort of online Objectivist dictionary that I can refer to when I browse through these forums and come across a term whose meaning I don't completely understand from an Objectivist standpoint? If not, which one of Ayn's books addresses this? Thanks, and these forum topics are fascinating reads to say the least. Tamara you and whose army?
  3. Buddhism teaches that there truly is no self because all that we're essentially composed of is externally influenced-- what we see, what we read, who we meet, what we remember, our desires..... when we tear down all of these, what are we left with?? Nothing. Creative thought was influenced in one form or another by something else, so that isn't completely "self" either. Sure, each of us has been uniquely composed with different attributes that make you who you are, but that's just because of what was presented to you throughout our life. If you'd been born in another time and place then you'd be a different person. Where's the core? What can be considered a core? There is none. This is what my teacher has been telling my class for the past month and it makes me so damn angry because I know she's wrong... yet, I can't give her a reason as to why or how. I'm really confused. What's behind our externally gained identities? How do you know it's there? Could someone please give me some sort of explanation? I don't know who else I could ask that wouldn't agree with my teacher. Tamara
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