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Found 1 result

  1. A couple weeks ago anonymous Nazis of the Alt-Right created a new meme on the image board called 4chan, and they convinced normal people and young students to spread it around schools via flyers. The campaign is worldwide, and it actually made national news here in the United States a few days ago. The truly troubling thing, however, is that most normal white folk don't understand how and why this meme was developed by Nazis, and many of them are unwittingly adopting its content into their own individual belief systems. Right now, to many ignorant conservatives, the simple notion that "it's okay to be white" seems like the most rational, enlightened response ever to anti-White Leftist memes about White Privilege and White Guilt. But how will these people react once they learn that IOTBW has its roots in racist, white nationalist culture? Depending on how well they have integrated the meme into the rest of their thoughts, they could be highly susceptible to further Nazi indoctrination. Perhaps uninitiated normies will search videos for "it's okay to be white," and perhaps they will see that in the top Google results is a fan-vid for an obscure Aggressive Force song called "It's okay to be white." And perhaps they will watch this punk rock video, which is full of racist propaganda, including images of Nazis and lyrics about denying the Holocaust. Or perhaps the ignorant newcomer will search for related images and find a similarly worded flyer for the Church of Creativity that reads: It's Alright To Be White. The Church of Creativity is an online white nationalist organization. They have been using this meme on flyers and website banners to encourage pride in one's white skin and recruit new members to the cause. The Nazis are not going away, and they have the right to spread their insidious rhetoric and propaganda. So the way to fight them is to stop being stupid and to stop being a clueless pawn in their cultural meme war with the anti-White Leftists. When more popular, mainstream people like Tucker Carlson defend IOTBW on Fox News, they think they are accepting a profound truth, when in reality they have become brainless fodder on the front lines of the meme war. If normal conservatives ever wake up to the truth about this particular meme, those who embraced it early on will be compelled to admit their stupidity, or they will be bounced from the realm of common sense and probably spiral down into the pits of identity politics, where the racists reside.
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