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  1. According to your profile it's been eleven years. I'm back after a hiatus, not as long as yours though.
  2. If Kaczynski had been targeting his MK Ultra torturers, don't you think the Feds would have identified him after two or three bombings? The clever murderers know not to target people with whom they have a past or present relationship.
  3. The capacity for making errors is not the same as the possibility that an error has been made. The fact that I have made errors in the past is evidence for my capacity to make errors in the future, hence my fallibility. But past errors is not evidence for the possibility that I have made a spelling error in this paragraph. I am certain that I have not, until you point to a word and claim that I have. Then, if I'm unsure of the spelling, I will admit the possibility and look it up in a dictionary. You don't get to invent possibilities out of thin air, not if you operate by evidence and reason.
  4. We interviewed Robert Tracinski about his journey from teen Kantian to Objectivist Intellectual, and his views on the movement and its schisms. Check it out!
  5. For our new episode we interviewed Michael Niren, a longtime Objectivist who learned from John Ridpath in Canada. We discussed Objectivist rhetoric, and methods of outreach to non-Objectivists. Check it out!
  6. Is this the fault of the people running the election or the fault of the post office? I blame the election officials for instituting a crappy process. What did they expect would happen with the post office trying to deliver a mail-in ballot to everyone. Is this the fault of the people running the election or the fault of voters who messed up the address on their registration? Definitely the fault of the election officials for keeping people on the register when they don't even live at the address anymore. I don't know, that would be an interesting study. It depends on how much cheating went on, which is hard to calculate if you don't look at the mail-in ballot policy and the signatures closely. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona were very close races, but I'm not sure whether they automatically mailed ballots to everyone. Presumably this is something that could be discovered. It looks like in Pennsylvania, for example, you had to request a mail-in ballot. This probably reduces the likelihood of cheating, though I wouldn't guess by how much.
  7. Scott and I spent a couple hours analyzing ARI's new article on schisms. Check it out!
  8. It's a scheme to radically increase the opportunity to steal an election through fraud. And once you start googling cases of mail-in fraud, you realize that some people got caught trying to take advantage of that opportunity. But how many didn't get caught? If there's a 40% chance you'll get away with murder, what is the chance you'll get away with election fraud?
  9. No. You have to request an absentee ballot, and in some states provide a reason for the request. Mail-in ballots were automatically sent to every registered voter. At least that's what happened in Los Angeles.
  10. Read this and please explain how there is no evidence of a stolen election. There is at least some evidence. But if you ignore the evidence and don't thoroughly check all the ballots, then you rely on the assumption that the process was legitimate, and I can easily prove that the process was not legitimate. Also, consider that 2020 had the highest voter turnout since 1960, which I find suspicious on its face. I doubt that 5% more people actually turned out for Trump vs. Biden than Obama vs. McCain. Many old people were isolated in nursing homes during the pandemic. And the review in Montana found that twenty-eight envelopes from one nursing home allegedly had the same signature. Montana has a small population compared to other states, so I wouldn't be surprised if such election problems were greatly magnified in more significant voting regions.
  11. There was already a safe way to vote. Anyone can request an absentee ballot. And voting in person wasn't dangerous as long as you followed certain precautionary measures. I witnessed the mail-in ballot littering myself, so it's not hyperbole. Do you really need details? I live near condo complexes where the ballots were left outside the community mailboxes along the sidewalk. Also, I personally received ballots for people who don't even live at my address.
  12. "The burden is on those who claim fraud..." The burden is on anyone making a claim. Not just those claiming fraud took place. The burden is also on the officials running the election to convince me that they are honest actors who ran an honest election. And they have failed that basic criteria in several ways, namely by littering the streets and mailboxes with "mail-in" ballots and not checking IDs at voting centers. It doesn't matter if people can't prove fraud when the people running the election can't prove legitimacy.
  13. We interviewed Alexandra York, author of both fiction and nonfiction. We focus on her latest book, Soul Celebrations and Spiritual Snacks, which presents her idea of secular spirituality and how to practice it. We also cover some of her articles published at Newsmax, dealing with the battle of ideas against cancel culture and the woke left. Check it out!
  14. We take a look at the Callao oil spill in this episode and try to answer the question of whether rights were violated during this disaster caused by the Tonga tsunami. Check it out!
  15. We interviewed Roger Mayhem from the "Healthy Debates" group on the Clubhouse app. He's an "unapologetic capitalist" and Rand fan since reading Atlas Shrugged in the '90s. He's built up a following and a debating community on Clubhouse. We talk to him about Clubhouse and debating and Rand and much more. Check it out!
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