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  1. Here is the exchange. I characterized it that way because Smock already agreed that he had treated patients with cardiac disease, meth and fentanyl who passed away but not necessarily from those things. Nelson's follow-up question was whether sometimes they do die from just those things. It's a yes or no answer. But Smock, in my opinion, realizes he's trapped at this point, because Nelson is that good of an interrogator. So instead of just answering yes, he tries to wriggle out of the trap and says it depends on the case. Uh huh, what depends on the case? He just didn't want to give Nelson the
  2. Day 9 started with Mr. Blackwell calling Dr. Martin Tobin to testify for the prosecution. Tobin is a world-renowned expert in pulmonary medicine. His opinion is that Floyd "died from a low level of oxygen" which caused brain damage and his heart to stop. He said the cause of low oxygen was shallow breathing due to being prone on the street, handcuffed behind the back, with Chauvin's knees on his neck and back. He stated that Chauvin's left knee was on Floyd's neck at least 90% of the time, and his right knee was on the back at least 57% of the time. He discussed in detail how pressure on the h
  3. I guess my question is whether the new physics would have to work for events at normal earth temperatures, as well as outer space temps. Or maybe whatever is affecting the muons does not affect other particles, so it's more of a special physical law rather than an overturning of a general principle.
  4. It sounds like she was desperate for you to make romantic moves, and you had trouble handling her. She begged for your attention, and you promised affection. You should have made it happen. It's kind of your job to make it happen, unless you're with a masculine woman who likes to take charge in bed. Maybe she was testing you by focusing on Facebook. Maybe she was playing coy or disinterested, because she wanted you to take charge and make a move. I think some women long for that experience of an aggressive man coming on to them, showing genuine attention and working hard for that sexual r
  5. It seems like this evidence is limited to muons wobbling at -450°F. So I guess that means the "new physics" would only apply to calculations for events in outer space?
  6. Normally you would have rights but it sounds like you were legally punished because you violated the rights of the mother and were (still are?) an objective danger to her. I mean, you're still openly fantasizing about killing her.
  7. To renounce something means you formally give it up, like with a public announcement or legal proceeding. If she just casually and privately said that you could have JT, that doesn't count. That doesn't have the weight of a serious agreement before witnesses or government officials. In addition to that, the state protects parental rights against misguided parents themselves. The value of a child to its parents can be so great as to be considered a natural right. Renouncing such a right should require a public act of serious intent. Furthermore, the state ensures parental rights also
  8. You can't always get what you want. I think you're getting closer to the root of the problem, but you're only scratching the surface. This issue clearly cuts to the core of your value system. I suspect that you still have some irrational idealism in you, perhaps from a religious upbringing. You seek an impossible goal if you want to remain in good standing with society. You won't get away with murder and be allowed to keep your son, and your ex won't give up custody. Yet you still cling to this ideal fantasy. You can't achieve it so you make no progress. You spin your sinister h
  9. The eighth day began with Jody Stiger returning to the stand. At the tail end of the seventh day, Mr. Schleicher called him as an expert witness but didn't finish the direct examination. Stiger is a sergeant and a tactics instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department. His expert opinion is that Chauvin used "excessive force" on Floyd. Initially Floyd resisted arrest but after he stopped resisting the officers should have slowed or stopped their use of force, according to Stiger. He referred to Chauvin's left knee being on the "neck area" of Floyd, and the right knee being on the back.
  10. Day seven started with Morries Hall's witness motion which took place outside the presence of the jury. Hall was the man in red sweatpants with George Floyd. He's trying to quash his subpoena to testify. His attorney explained that if called Hall would plead the 5th to probably everything he might be asked. He's worried about exposing himself to 3rd degree murder involving Floyd overdosing. If the prosecution doesn't believe Floyd overdosed, why not give Hall immunity and let him testify? Probably because Hall's testimony would go to reasonable doubt that Floyd was murdered by Chauvin. It
  11. Week two began with prosecutor Mr. Blackwell calling Dr. Bradford Langenfeld. Langenfeld treated Floyd at the hospital and pronounced him dead after resuscitation efforts failed. Blackwell asked if Langenfeld was told whether Floyd suffered a heart attack or overdose. The doctor answered no. They covered several medical concepts such as asystole (flatlining) and PEA (pulseless electrical activity). The prosecution once again noted that "cardiac arrest" doesn't necessarily mean that Floyd had a heart attack. It just means that the heart has stopped functioning. Langenfeld discussed various trea
  12. Not really, very few people die in wars now compared to prior generations. We've looked at this fact as a good thing generally, but it has negative consequences.
  13. In the past, those who couldn't hack it mentally could run off to war and die a noble death for their nation. Now we don't have great wars anymore because nukes. So our societies are overrun with mental cases imposing their psychotic ideas and behaviors on the culture.
  14. Friday was day five of the trial. The prosecution called two police officers to testify. The first was Sgt. Jon Edwards, who took over the scene from Sgt. Pleoger. Edwards testified about securing the scene and making sure officers conducted initial inquiries and various duties related to processing a potential "critical incident" involving a death in police custody. The second officer to take the stand, Lt. Richard Zimmerman, was the senior homicide detective. He arrived on scene after Edwards and turned over the investigation to the Bureau of Criminal Affairs. Mr. Frank used Zimmer
  15. Okay, here's how it appears to me so far. After having a child together and years of marriage, you changed your mind about the marriage. But when she changed her mind about keeping her son, you turned into a villain with murder in your eyes. Perhaps you feel she made a promise and cheated you. But she has rights, and the right to her son is not something she can renounce with mere promises to you. That's what a divorce proceeding establishes. You should have known that. (Does this problem go back to your political views on anarchy or the protection of rights?) You should not have expected her
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