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  1. I checkmated this self-described "pragmatic progressive Leftist" in only two moves--a personal best. Someone posted this question to a philosophy group on Facebook: "Does white privilege exist? If so, what are some concrete examples that you can point to?" Mr. Zook replied and I responded to him. GZ: Have any of you white people ever traveled on a pedestrian level and worked in the lower levels of our economy ... drank in dive bars ... been on the street ... if you have and you can tell me that their even at this low economic/social level wasnt a difference in the
  2. Wow, if that Wikipedia link is correct, China is currently building about sixty new tunnels longer than 8 miles. Added to the eighty-five they already finished, that's a lot of Taggart Tunnels.
  3. I agree. I've been focused on this problem in Rand's writing for a couple years now, ever since I noticed a mistake in her article on "The Property Status of Airwaves." I recently traced the problem to her definition of capitalism. Thank you for articulating your view and adding some historical perspective. I believe a critical context is missing in most Objectivist arguments against public property. That context is the purpose of forming a community, a society, a village, a town, a city, a state--any social group. The purpose here is to benefit the individuals qua members of a group, not
  4. Nancy Pelosi told Stephen Colbert that "Mother Earth is telling us that climate crisis is real, do something about it!" Jesus, she sounds like a religious nut who thinks God sends hurricanes as a warning against tolerating homosexuals.
  5. From the Wehner op-ed: Wehner sounds like a clueless stooge still bouncing around in the idealism of multiculturalism.
  6. Who decides what you deserve? If a black barber denies me a haircut because I'm white, is that an act of injustice because I deserve to have my hair cut by him?
  7. Do you mean government exploitation, racism, sexism, etc.? Black Joe the barber refusing service to whites would not affect my liberty. I don't have a right to his service. Opportunity is not liberty. Liberty is your freedom from force, not from other people's rights.
  8. I suppose one should criticize this description of "expropriation," since it's the alleged link between capitalism and racism. The trick here is classifying certain voluntary transactions as "confiscations." You might not like being saddled with high-interest loan payments or losing property to foreclosure, but that's what you agreed to in the contract. Confiscation is seizure of property by authority, not by contract.
  9. Smith was on Timcast IRL and said that she's voting for Trump because "he doesn't speak woke." She sees him as the only anti-SJW candidate. Yes, it's the nature of Marxism to frame liberalism as an aspect of a certain class, the bourgeoisie. So even today we have the spectacle of rich Democrats downplaying their capitalism and wealth and pandering to the working class and poor socialists who have been taught that "liberty" means freedom from capitalist exploitation and racism and sexism and homophobia and transphobia and hate speech and misgendering and racial dispari
  10. She says she won't let Marxists redefine "liberalism." So her point might be confused, and she doesn't give examples, but the main idea seems to be that Marxist ideas are becoming mainstream among so-called "liberals." They aren't really liberal anymore. The problem is that one's concept of "liberal" depends on one's concept of "liberty." If Marxists get to define "liberty" then they control "liberals."
  11. In this episode we discuss the nature of threats and how to prevent disasters in the context of the Beirut explosion.
  12. Tim Pool reviewed this article by Keri Smith. She argues that we should vote for Trump because he is the more liberal candidate, whereas the Democratic Party is now racist and sexist. A former SJW anti-Trumper, she escaped her echo chamber after 2016 and changed her mind. She thinks the Democrats represent the end of civilization. Her positive argument for Trump focuses on his so-called "liberal" principles. Considering her bold claim that Trump is "the most liberal of the candidates," she should have put more effort into proving that position. Still, it's a
  13. It looks like Chauvin tried to gauge the pressure to keep Floyd's head and shoulders down but not cause an injury. Floyd was still able to move Chauvin's knee until he ran out of energy or had the heart attack and stopped resisting. So clearly Chauvin wasn't applying his full weight. I doubt even half his weight, since he wasn't straining and kept both feet on the ground. I do question the need to keep the knee on the neck for three minutes after Floyd stops moving. Possibly they thought it best to keep him in that position until the EMT arrived. When someone is bleeding and foaming from
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