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Welcome to the forum!

I would also recommend Sophie's World. It is a good introduction to philosophy in general in the form of fiction. Great way to encourage a child to start thinking about different ideas and their validity. Great opportunity for grandpa's wisdom to shine :) .

I second this recommendation. If there was any book to blame for my obsession with Philosophy, it has to be that one. It's really well written, if a bit didactic at times, but when it gets didactic, it's still clear and understandable. I read it when I was, I think 16 or 17. A couple years ago anyway. It's the one book I recommend to anyone when they ask me what Philosophy is and why they should care about it.

EdSalti, you sound like my kind of guy. Good luck to you.

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EdSalti, you sound like my kind of guy. Good luck to you.

Why, thank you, young sir.

Your photo v your avatar. A case of extreme juxtaposition, wouldn't you say? Kipling? In such a modern youth? Amazing. Has been quite some time since I kipled. Must try it again sometime. The Alpha Scot and Michael Caine starred in a wonderful little movie, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. Did you see it? If not, you must track it down. Being a retired military man, I have a particular fondness for Mr. K, especially TOMMY.

I'll watch for your posts. ES

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