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Anyone else heard of this show? My girlfriend and I were flipping through channels and came across this on the Sci-Fi Channel. It stuck out to me because there's a character named "Julius Galt" and the official unit of currency in the show is the "rand."

After watching a few episodes (there's a marathon on right now) I am pretty sure it's about this ex-detective from an alternative universe who gets thrown into another universe quite like ours, who is trying to get back so he can confront his anarcho-fascist government.

It's got some really beautiful shots of huge, inspiring cityscapes and wealthy businessmen, heroic characters, seedy, neo-con esque villians, great action sequences, and pretty well-thought out plot. It's also refreshing to see a show with virtually no religious or environmentalist agenda. Check it out, it may become a favorite around here, haha.

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