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Article about business opposition to the bailouts

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This article is about Clifford Asness and his willingness to speak out against what is going on, in favor of capitalism, despite the chilling effect on the business community in general. The author, Peter Robinson, is one of the "dissenting", alumni-nominated trustees of my alma mater Dartmouth College, for anyone who has been following the Dartmouth governance controversy.

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The "dissenters" appear to be an elite bunch. Good for them.

Some are and some aren't. There were four, and one was recently made to leave the ranks of the trustees. While he was undoubtedly railroaded, I'm not sure I'm sad to see him go as he was probably the least effective dissenter based on some of his other views.

My favorite "dissenter" trustee is undoubtedly TJ Rodgers '70, who made his fortune in Silicon Valley. I don't suppose it will be long before Dartmouth finds a way to silence him as well.

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