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Wanted: Ayn Rand Comes to Harvard lectures

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Does anyone have these lectures who would be willing to sell them?

Below is the list of tapes in the series. I'm particularly interested in the ones by Salsman (to a lesser extent, Hull) and the debate at the end, if anyone only has some of them. I took the descriptions from here: https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/ro/www/IllinoisOb...ub/library.html.

If you're willing to sell them, please email me. I may also respond to PMs, etc. but email is best.

"Ayn Rand Comes to Harvard" Lecture Series

This is the “Ayn Rand Comes to Harvard” video lecture series, sponsored by the Harvard University Objectivist Club in the fall of 1996. These videos feature long question periods, and their production quality is high.

“Objectivism: Ayn Rand’s Philosophic Revolution.” Renowned Objectivist scholar Harry Binswanger delivers another excellent overview of Objectivism, as contrasted with philosophic theories from the past. (60 min. + 90 min. Q&A)

“Rights—Reason—Reality: Ayn Rand’s Answer to the Intellectual Crisis of Our Time.” Objectivist and intellectual history scholar John Ridpath shows in detail how Ayn Rand’s philosophy can rescue modern-day academia. (70 min. + 75 min. Q&A)

“Ayn Rand’s Theory of Free Will.” Dr. Harry Binswanger presents Ayn Rand’s theory of free will and how it differs from past attempts to solve the volition-determinism dichotomy. (75 min. + 75 min. Q&A)

“The Problem of Universals: Failed Attempts and Ayn Rand’s Solution.” Dr. Gary Hull, Objectivist scholar and philosophy professor, presents a concise history of the philosophic problem of universals, one of the main issues in the theory of knowledge. Although this topic is more complicated than others, Dr. Hull’s lecture can be understood by anybody. Dr. Hull shows the two main historical viewpoints of universals, including Plato’s and Aristotle’s attempts at the problem, and how Ayn Rand’s theory solves the problem once and for all. (85 min. + 65 min. Q&A)

“Bridging the ‘Is’-‘Ought’ Gap: How to Derive Morality from Facts.” In this wonderfully clear lecture, Dr. Harry Binswanger shows how the foundation of morality is neither subjective, mystical, nor whimsical, but objective, that is, easily derived from everyday facts of life. (70 min. + 80 min. Q&A)

“The Mind as Hero in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.” In this talk, Dr. Andrew Bernstein, Objectivist scholar, discusses the theme of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged: the role of man’s mind in his life, and what happens when that role is overlooked. (80 min. + 70 min. Q&A)

“The Virtue of Selfishness: Ayn Rand’s Radical Code of Morality.” Peter Schwartz, Objectivist scholar and editor of Ayn Rand’s Return of the Primitive, explains Ayn Rand’s ethical theory, and shows that selfishness is not evil, but the highest virtue possible. (60 min. + 90 min. Q&A)

“Capitalism and the Environment: The Virtues of ‘Exploitation’.” In this talk, economist and Objectivist scholar Richard Salsman breaks down the myth that capitalism destroys the earth, and shows how “exploiting the environment,” when understood properly, is one of the noblest pursuits of man. (75 min. + 75 min. Q&A)

Debate: “Selfishness: Moral Offense or Moral Ideal?” In this debate between Dr. Harry Binswanger and Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy, the issue is definitively settled whether selfishness is evil or noble. Filled with many humorous moments, this debate is excellent for anybody who questions Ayn Rand’s code of morality. (150 min. including Q&A)

“Pro Choice Is Pro-Life: The Philosophic Basis of a Woman’s Right to an Abortion.” In this talk, which was taped the semester after the rest of the lecture series, Dr. Andrew Bernstein shows how pro-life vs. pro-choice is a false dilemma, and how anybody who upholds the sanctity of life must also uphold a woman’s right to abortion. (60 min. + 65 min. Q&A)

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