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MeetUp to Plan for Next Year

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Bob G

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See DCOS for Joining

The location of the meeting is at Panera Bread, 8191 Strawberry Ln, Merrifield VA 22042.

10 AM Sunday, this Sunday, Oct. 25th.

This is a good group. For example, included in the people who say they will attend include a person who knew Ayn Rand personally and a person who is high up in the ARI leadership. The others I know are good people. If you live in the area try to attend.


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Our meeting planning for 2010 had some good moments. Its didn’t achieve much. We did learn of some really interesting stuff happening in March.

The good moments consisted in the range of comments from the nine people who attended. There were old timers and new people at the meeting. Each was helpful in their perspective and suggestions.

This wasn’t a committee meeting. It was a get together of interested people. Only a couple people had a place to meet or the willingness to lead, host, or moderate.

We are very fortunate to have as a recent new member Lin Zinser. Lin’s leadership and experience in Colorado is providing us with invaluable assistance. One person, Fred Seiler, will start a reading group patterned on Lin’s advise. Because of Lin’s broader responsibilities, we do not expect her to do anything locally. We appreciate and enjoy her attendance at our meetings.

I am not going to steal her thunder, but Lin told us of some really wonderful things happening in DC in March. Watch for it

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