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Socratic dialogue: ethics of lying

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I think I'm beginning to see why lying is wrong. I think my problem is something to do with me having an abstract idea of ethics in my head that is separate from how I act in real life, ie not putting into practise my ideas. But I'm still not completely clear on this.

I recommend some time thinking about it a lot more every day for a little while, and observe instances of people being dishonest (it's everywhere, shouldn't be a problem) and try to find out what it does for them in terms of living a rational, reality-oriented life. And try to reduce the principle that honesty is good back to perceptual reality. Ask yourself: "What other concepts would I need to know/grasp in order to understand what honesty is and why it is good? And what would I need to know in order to understand those concepts?" And after a while, you will have traced the conceptual hierarchy back to its roots in observation.

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