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Song that reminds me of Anthem

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This trance song I was listening and watching,

Cosmic Gate and Emma Hewitt - Be Your Sound

immediately reminds of of Rand's Anthem for a number of reasons:

1. The fucking gorgeous Emma Hewitt's blonde hair, not the cut though, but I do love the style regardless reminds me of "The Golden One"

2. On the same side - as the two were not on the same side before, as they were segregated

3. Underground tunnel he wrote in, they are running through a cave? that kinda looks like a tunnel regardless

4. these lyrics really remind me of it:

We'll build a fortress

to keep them out

in a world gone silent

I will be your sound

5. These lyrics, too:

Leaving the old fear

looking for a new place


The dream won't go away

so meet me tonight dear

and we'll run into a new day

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