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The Magic of Anticipation

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Anticipation is an important concept, but there's one that I think is better - tension. To create tension there needs to be some anticipation, but tension can be fairly immediate.

For example you can try a "shock and awe"-approach(if you google it I think you'll find articles with fairly rude and not so classy examples, but the dynamic works). Here's how I might do it:

I'm a very friendly guy, I can talk to just about anyone and like to joke around. I know women see me as a nice-guy and they rarely know that I mean buisness. So alot of times we get along well, have fun and good rapport - but nothing sexual. I can throw them small hints, but keep them guessing - I don't mind that. When it's time, i'll flip the switch and get serious.

So, say she's talking away - or the other way around - and... gosh, aint she pretty? Just grab her, give her a good kiss and...

"It's time to stop talking" or "you were saying?"

When she gets that "WTF?" look just hold her gaze with a small, confident smile. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Don't back off. Watch the magic, or get slapped if you miscalculated(for the record, i've never miscalculated).

That's tension. There's not much anticipation going on. You just create tension, and let the sparks ignite because of the friction.

Now, it could be anything else you say or do. You can let it build over time with anticipation, or make it more immediate. This is just an example of a more immediate approach that quickly creates tension(it could also be made by a risky comment, or some other kind of action).

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