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Louis Rukeyser's interview with Ayn Rand

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Someone's just uploaded this to YouTube. I haven't seen it before, though it was transcribed as the last part of the book Objectively Speaking. There's not much to it. This was her actual last public appearance, coming right after the Sanction of the Victims talk. She looks a little better here, and that's probably just the lighting.

This actually makes me nostalgic for Louis Rukeyser, I used to watch him every week.

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Well put and in 1981. This same affliction infects American business, governmental and acedemic institutions today. As pointed out 32 years ago, the successful have been cowed into accepting some blame or shame for benefiting from their success rooted in their abilities, motivation and ambition. Instead of admiring the successful and striving to emulate the them, a growing number of people are brain-washed into hating the successful and expecting to be entitled to the very rewards of those who have succeeded. Perversely, this very sentiment has been formulated and advanced by members of the very same class inhabited with the hated successful people. It is as if a segment of the successful, achiever class has succumbed to some manufactured guilt which compels them to advocate the punishment in the name of a lower class which the guilt ridden feel some obligation. However, the self loathing achievers instead of parting with their wealth as a gesture of philanthropy instead agitate for the confiscation of other people's earnings and accumulated wealth using the purchased access to the levers of state power to engage in government sanctioned charity.

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