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Artist's Studio featuring Bryan Larsen

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post-658-1106516443_thumb.jpgBryan's painting is progressing very nicely.

"I began working on the actual paint application by blocking in the basic colors for the sky. I blocked in the beams as well so that I could soften the line between them and the sky while both were wet. In general, lines will tend to get crisper and cleaner toward the foreground. The idea here isn’t necessarily to finish any particular section, but to get the primer coat and the sketch covered with the base colors and values that will be in the finished painting.'' --Bryan Larsen

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Hi Linda,

Any idea what the asking price of this painting will be?

I'd guess the demand will bo so high that Cordair considers an auction.

Congrats to all involved.


Indeed The First Heat is generating a lot of interest. The price of the painting will be determined by Bryan closer to its completion. Shall I add you to the list of interested customers?

It is unlikely that we will auction the painting. Instead, I will be contacting all of the interested parties at the same time via e-mail and the first one to respond with payment will enjoy the pride of ownership. B)

Bryan will also be offering the smaller 14" x 18" study for sale. (see step #6)

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Step #12 has been posted to the Artist's Studio. Drop by and see what wonderful progress Bryan is making on this Atlas Shrugged inspired painting. This one is going to sell fast. Anyone interested in owning this piece should let me know now so they can be added to the advance notice list when the painting becomes available.

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