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Living for the state

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The latter part is completely ignored by Rand, and thus, she consequentially makes the same mistake of consciousness as a thing (a body) versus consciousness as a relationship of self to other selves (including the relationships of bodies).


How can you make sweeping statements about what Rand thought/ignored/didn't ignore when you haven't even read her book on epistemology?

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My goal, for the moment, is clarifying any misconceptions you, or anyone reading this, may have regarding my outlook on globalization. I have no other goal.   An individual is the ultimate minority

Don't worry - I only got it after a lot of reading and lectures too, and actually some very thoughtful posts here too.  Some of that is really deep and outside of my interest points (ethics and politi

Your tribalistic thinking is for savages.

#162 harley

"Part of this ethical refusal involves anecdotes of exception---my boils, my aunt's need of a transplant, etc...a bit more justifiable is indeed the question of moral hazzard as to how doctors might exploit government participation."

In reality the refusal is based on , to paraphrase Thatcher, free hospitals are great but hard to build when you run out of other peoples' bricks

"everyone else' in the world? is going on by pretending that socialism is practical(will work), so far America is still holding out on that , but I'm not holding my breath

Thatcher gained a degree of both admiration and hatred in equal measure for her cliche-mongering that replaced number crunching. What's sad is that she did have a capacity for science, having studied under perhaps the most famous biologist in England. Regrettably, that makes her far more the liar than the ignoramus.


Basic number crunching reveals that americans pay nearly twice as much as europeans for the same quality of health care. But she knew this....


Without dealing in large-scale isms (which serve far more to obscure real issues), certain economic segments seem wore practically agreeable to a collectivist/taxation approach than others.

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