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Reblogged:What Environmentalists Really Want, Part 3,057

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In case you need a fresh example -- or a short litany of examples -- of environmentalists opposing the very things they say they support, I refer you to Alex Bezerow of the American Council on Science and Health. Berezow comments on a German news story I noticed a day or so ago:

Greens demand that we make these, and charge them with solar and wind -- and then keep us from building the required infrastructure. (Image by Dario, via Unsplash, license.)
Solar power, wind mills, and electric cars will save the world, environmentalists tell us. But if that's actually true, then environmentalists need to stop blocking the construction of solar power, wind mills, and electric cars.

The latest flash point has occurred in Germany, where Elon Musk's electric car company Tesla was clearing forest outside of Berlin to build a new factory. Of course, environmentalists are unhappy when any trees are cut down (despite the fact they can be replaced), and they further claimed that Tesla would poison the drinking water. So, a court issued a temporary injunction. [link omitted]
Bezerow rightly argues that "environmentalists" are really after political power and stopping human progress -- after elaborating on a couple of attempts by greens to oppose building the kinds of electric generating facilities they claim they want us to use, to charge the cars they demand we drive, but won't let us build.

Remember this, and mention it to others the next time you hear the likes of Greta Thunberg demand that we "leave it in the ground" ASAP. They don't give a damn about the consequences we will suffer, left as we would be without power or transportation, with no viable alternative in place.

-- CAV

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