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I was thinking about changing the look of this blog for some time, but today was not when I intended to do it. Based on the fact that my private test blog also failed to render post content*, I can only conclude that the maintainers of the Blogger platform decided to change something without warning that made my old template incompatible with how they now display content.

On short notice and in the interest of at least displaying post content, I found a decent minimalist template that emphasizes content, tdSimple. It will do for now, but installing it erased my blogroll, the blog search box, the navigation menu, and numerous other things -- that the Blogger user interface caused me to believe would be left alone. I intend to bring these back in some form when I have more time.

-- CAV

* Actually, it didn't fail to render the content so much as push it way off to the side and squeeze it down to a word or two per line. I'm not conversant enough with CSS to figure out why that happened in anything resembling a short time, so here we are.

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