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Reblogged:Youngkin: Just Another Anti-Abortionist?

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Various news outlets have been profiling potential Republican candidates for President lately, and the latest to come to my attention is a piece on Virginia's Glenn Youngkin at DNYUZ.

My reaction to this piece is mild disappointment. Youngkin seems virtually indistinguishable from Brian Kemp to me after I read that piece. Granted, either would be an improvement on Donald Trump as the Republican standard bearer, but I was surprised to learn that Youngkin is yet another anti-abortionist:
Image by Glenn Youngkin, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.
...Tuesday's election was a bust for Mr. Youngkin and Virginia Beach Republicans: Mr. Adams was narrowly defeated, Democrats flipped the Republican-held seat he was seeking and one of the governor's prominent right-wing initiatives -- a 15-week abortion ban -- seemed all but doomed as Democrats expanded their narrow majority in the upper chamber of the General Assembly.

Mr. Youngkin's 2021 election in blue Virginia instantly set off speculation about a potential White House run in 2024. In just his second year in office, he has had both a local and national focus.
And yes, abortion was a prominent issue in that race.

The same thing that is a source of my disappointment with Youngkin holds a lesson for either political party willing to hear it: Reexamine your priorities!

I am not holding my breath.

Youngkin -- hardly a secular or even a pro-choice Republican as we see here -- won election in a purple/blue state due to parental disgust at a combination of (a) the obstinate refusal to government schools to open during the pandemic and (b) some of the outlandish "woke" things they consequently learned said schools were teaching and doing -- things actively promoted by the Democratic Party.

And now, a Democrat has won a race despite Youngkin's support for his opponent, due to concern that Virginia will take a step in the direction of banning abortion -- which it is becoming clearer and clearer is a major goal of the Republicans.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the Democrats lost the governorship because of its mission to tell children what to think -- and the Republicans lost a state senate seat because of its mission to force women to carry infants they don't want.

It's too bad that about half of voters want to legalize abortion, but won't question the propriety of the government running all but the entire education sector -- while the other half of voters might be receptive to privatizing education, but don't question the propriety of the government forcing women to carry infants to term.

Glenn Youngkin is doing a service by focusing on the gross abuses taking place in government schools, but his allegiance to the medieval idea that women are for breeding make him less electable on the national stage and a dubious proposition as President.

Until a significant minority of voters begin to support liberty -- insisting that government begin performing its proper function and only its proper function of protecting individual rights -- we will continue our political stalemate at best.

-- CAV

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