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A Friday Hodgepodge

I wasn't actively looking to learn any of these short tidbits, but I did...
On a lark, I put "one-liner" into an image search engine and got this. I like flamingos, so here it is. (Image by Kelly Sikkema, via Unsplash, license.)
1. Within the debunking of a job-hunting fallacy I blogged yesterday: "f you ever see me walking to my car during a downpour, it’s because the MythBusters proved you get wetter by running. Almost twice as much, actually."

2. This bit of reading advice comes from Harry Binswanger's commentary on some bad reporting on housing costs in Miami: "For propaganda pieces, I always look to the last paragraph because savvy propagandists put there the thought, or feeling, they want you to take away."

3. Alison Green comes through with the following answer to What can you say when your hand hurts too much for a handshake? "'I have an injury so I'm not going to shake your hand, but it's great to see you/meet you!' Say it warmly and you should be fine."

4. As in the title of a post at Irreal, I am often "Writing Prose in Emacs, I visited, expecting to get an idea of whether there would be useful advice I might eventually want to tinker with.

I wasn't disappointed, but it was nice to get something I could use immediately.

"You need merely toggle variable-pitch-mode to try this out for yourself."

Yes. Proportional fonts are much easier on the eye.

I look forward to playing with hiding markup, too. I'd love to be able to toggle between, say, raw HTML and how it renders within one window, although my longstanding solution is fine.

-- CAV

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