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Why Be Moral - The Real Reason - From Metaphysics to Morals

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Be Moral - To Live
From Metaphysics to Morals
Towards Self-Realization and Self-Betterment
[Presented as a syllogistic synopsis]
Reality exists - objectively, absolutely.
To believe that reality doesn’t exist is to believe in contradictions.
To believe in contradictions is to believe that something exists and doesn’t exist at the same time in the same respect.
To believe that it is real that there is no reality, is to believe in contradictions, that existence doesn’t exist.
To believe that reality is subjective is to believe that it is objective that reality is subjective – a contradiction.
To believe that reality is relative is to believe that it is absolute that reality is relative – a contradiction.
In reality, contradictions do not exist, cannot be real.
Contradictions exist only in the mind. Minds perceive reality, do not create it.
Minds with contradictions mis-perceive, mistake reality.
Real minds think non-contradictory, logical thoughts.
"Consciousness is Identification of Existence...Existence Exists. Existence is Identity." (Ayn Rand)
In reality, each thing exists as a something, not as a nothing, not as an anything.
Some things exist as living things, distinct from things that are non-living.
Non-living things always exist, changing their forms, never ceasing to exist.
Living things do not always live, they exist conditionally.
Living things can die, cease to exist as life, leaving dead non-living matter.
Living things face alternatives - life or death.
Living things exist by acting to stay alive.
To stay alive is to take actions to sustain one's life. To die is to fail to take actions that sustain one’s life.
"Life is a process of self-sustaining and self-generated action." (Ayn Rand)
Living things need values, values "that which one acts to gain and/or keep" to sustain one’s life. (Ayn Rand)
Values that further, enhance, or promote one's life are the good.
Values that hinder, harm, or destroy one's life are the evil.
Some living things pursue values automatically, instinctively, without choice.
Some living, human, things pursue values by choice, by choosing to act for one’s life.
"A code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality" (Ayn Rand).
To be moral is to choose to live and act by a code of values, for life.
Being moral is being human - being logical, objective, absolute.
Being moral is being real.
Be moral - to live.
[Source: "The Objectivist Ethics", in The Virtue of Selfishness, by Ayn Rand]


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