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Speaking of God

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Who are they, who are so many? They, who are all around us. They, of whom some of us may still be recovering from having been one of them. Who are they? What do they believe? How is it false? Know your enemy, know yourself.


Speaking of God

Most of the world's population, 85%, reportedly believe in a God, over 6 billion people –- including 2.4 billion Christian (1.4B Catholic), 2 billion Islamic, and1.1 billion Hindu – all preaching and practicing selfless service to God and the needs of others. Why? Why so many?

For an overview of the beliefs of the largest and most influential of the Christian group, the Roman Catholic Church, here is an interview of Bishop Robert Baron, a Catholic prelate, author and popular speaker, interviewed by Lex Fridman, a popular podcaster.

Some quotation/paraphrasing from the interview:


God is everything and no thing, everywhere and nowhere.

God is immensity and infinity: immeasurable and undefinable.

God is pure being, whose essence is being itself.

God is existence with no identity.

God exists not in reality and reason. God exists in heaven and faith.

Faith in God is not infra-reason. Faith in God is supra-reason.


Why so much evil and suffering, if God exists and is infinite goodness and love, all-knowing and all-powerful? God gave humanity freewill for good and evil, and his purpose is beyond our understanding. That there is evil and suffering is not proof of God’s malevolence, indifference, or non-existence. It just shows we don’t know God’s greater plan and how the evil and suffering is for a higher good.


Christ is God incarnate.

Christ is he who is perfectly pleasing to God.

Christ and God are each the other’s perfect love.

God through Christ redeems the sins of humanity.

Christ through his love, suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection shows humanity the way to Heaven.


The meaning of life is to seek a purposive, loving friendship with God by following his incarnate son Jesus Christ – to act like Christ, to be Christian.

To be Christian is to devote one’s life to God, Christ, and the needs of others.

To love is to will the good of the other, for the other.

Pride for oneself is the source, and the worst of all sins.

We are all sinners, some more than others.


Equality and rights are grounded in and given by God.

Without God, there are no rights and tyranny reigns.

Freedom is not self-determination. Freedom is the choice to love God.



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