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The Internet will fall apart?

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If youve been following the net news, you know that the thug regimes of the UN are trying to seize control of the Internets DNS. The latest threat is that the net will fall apart within months if the U.S. does not turn over control. What does this mean? Hidden behind the claims of multilateralism and sharing of best practices is a thinly veiled threat that if states are not given the power to censor the Internet multilaterally, governments wishing to censor the internet will split off their DNS networks to censor content unilaterally to establish isolated networks. Whats mostly ignored in the news stories is that ICANN has been successfully managing DNS system without almost any interference from the U.S. Almost, but not quite none the DOJ has delayed the issuance of some root domains, namely .XXX. The real question we should be asking is - why does...


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