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A Bunch Of Lectures For Sale

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Here are a bunch of audiotape lectures I would like to sell. I'm selling most of them for roughly above price of what they're sold for at www.aynrandbookstore.com. Whatever I don't sell here over the next week or so, I plan on listing on ebay.

$80 - Advanced Seminars on Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, Part 1 by Leonard Peikoff (12 tapes)

$110 - Advanced Seminars on Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, Part 2 by Leonard Peikoff (12 tapes)

$40 - "Chewing" the Objectivist Virtues by Gary Hull (6 tapes)

$27 - A Brief History of the Middle East by Yaron Brook (5 tapes)

$15 - Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Science by Harry Binswanger (2 tapes)

$25 - Judging, Feeling, and Not Being Moralistic by Leonard Peikoff (4 tapes)

$25 - Stress and Coping: An Inductive Approach (3 tapes)

$17 - Ayn Rand's Life: Highlights and Sidelights by Harry Binswanger (2 tapes)

$15 - The Legacy of Ayn Rand by Jeff Walker (2 tapes)

$140 - Ayn Rand at the Ford Hall Forum (2 part set, 19 tapes):

The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age

America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business

The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus

Our Cultural Value Deprivation

What is Capitalism?

The Wreckage of the Consensus

Of Living Death

Apollo and Dionysus

Apollo and Dionysus Q&A

The Moratorium on Brains

The Moratorium on Brains Q&A

A Nation's Unity

A Nation's Unity Q&A

Censorship: Local and Express w/Q&A

Egalitarianism and Inflation w/Q&A

The Moral Factor w/Q&A

Global Balkanization w/Q&A

Cultural Update w/Q&A

The Age of Mediocrity w/Q&A

This is different than the version being sold now. It does not include "Is Atlas Shrugging?" but includes

more and different Q&A sessions.

$10 - Medicine: The Death of a Profession by Leonard Peikoff (1 tape)

$7 - The Sanction of the Victims by Leonard Peikoff (1 tape)

$8 - Philosophy: Who Needs It by Ayn Rand (1 tape)

$8 - This Hallowed Ground by John Ridpath (1 tape)

$7 - The Objectivist Ethics by Ayn Rand w/Q&A (1 tape)

$7 - The Objectivist Ethics Q&A (1 tape)

$8 - Adam Smith and the Founding of Capitalism (1 tape)

$7 - The Declaration of Independence by John Ridpath (1 tape)

$5 - Objective Law by Ayn Rand (1 tape)

$8 - Making Effective Choices in the Study Process by Edwin Locke (1 tape)

$7 - Objectivism in Brief by Ayn Rand (1 tape)

$7 - Introducing Objectivism by Ayn Rand (1 tape)

$10 - Philosophy and the Real WOrld Out There by Leonard Peikoff (1 tape)

$5 - Medicine: The Sick Man in a Mixed Economy (Dr.'s Cole, Haynes, Tierney, Tonkin and Vawter, 1 tape, The Jefferson School)

$5 - Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand Lecture Excerpts by Leonard Peikoff (1 tape)

$6 - Figures in Intellectual History by John Ridpath (1 tape)

$17 - Religion vs. Man by John Ridpath (2 tapes)

$10 - The Classical Economists (2 tapes)

$8 - Traits of Business Heroes by Edwin Locke (1 tape)

$5 - Everything is Getting Better and Better - I'll Bet on It (by Julian Simon (1 tape)

$8 - Reflections on 30 Years in Academia by Edwin Locke (1 tape)

$8 - Reason and Emotion by Edwin Locke (1 tape)

$8 - Setting Goals to Improve Your Life and Happiness by Edwin Locke (1 tape)

$9 - Censorship: Local and Express by Ayn Rand (1 tape)

$8 - Psycho-Epistemology of the Arab World by Edwin Locke (1 tape)

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