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Epistemology Study Group Part I

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Um, so yeah, I totally abandoned the group I created. You guys want regroup via live chat? (Regroup meaning admitting I didn't read Plato at all.)
I do plan to get re-caught up. I find this stuff tough because on the one hand I want to take it seriously, but on the other hand if anyone submitted something like that to me I would flunk it. It takes a lot of extra time to figure out what he "really" means, especially given about 2400 years of context that has been dropped.

So anyhow, I reserve judgment on the JB section; ultimately, the payoff should be in JTB. I don't really think that serious discussion of Plato's epistemology works in a chat room: it takes a lot of reading and thinking "So exactly is the right standard for evaluating these statements?". After this week's homework lump, I ought to be able to get to where Dave Z was last week :)

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