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Kitty Hawk

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The military was headed in the right direction in Fallujah, having cornered a large number of terrorist/guerilla fighters there, and were moving in for the kill. Then they started their inexplicable (to me, at any rate) backtracking. First, a cease fire to discuss the surrender of the combatants and especially the ones responsible for killing and desecrating the bodies of the four American civilians.

Now, we are merely asking the combatants to surrender their arms, not their persons, and not asking for the murderers of the four American civilians at all, as far as I can tell.

What kind of idiocy is this? What good does it do to take away a rifle or machine gun that will simply be replaced two minutes later? How stupid can we be?

This is no way to fight a war.

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We are far too concerned with our public image; we have conducted this war in such a politically correct fashion that it has abdicated our capacity to succeed. Our soldiers are bleeding in the streets of Najriyah and Fallujah to satiate the sensitivities of the bleeding-heart liberals who oppose the war, and to cater to the diminishing approval of the Global Community. I'm tired of seeing the Good Guys die on unagrateful foreign soil.

Spain has remarkably illustrated Rand's maxim "In the compromise between Good and Evil, Evil always wins". Spain has conceded, and Thailand has said that they will too; both will be forever at the mercy of terrrorists until they revoke the sanction they've given in doing so.

We and our allies, on the other hand, continue to fight the good fight with one hand tied behind our backs, at the cost of our soldiers' lives. I think it's time that the insurgents paid with their lives, until there are none left, or they learn the value of rational self-interest. Whichever comes first is of no moment.

First lesson of rational self-interest: if an 800-lb gorilla wielding a battle axe comes to your house and offers to clear it of cockroaches, one should not attack said gorilla with a butter knife.

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