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Ayn Rand and me.

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I've read all of Ayns stuff. I agree with most, but not all. It is with what I don't agree with that I come to this forum to hash out with ya'all- in an open arena. I call it an arena instead of a forum because I think Ayn would have approved of the idea. The struggle for a rational life in this world has always been a battle, and I hereby enter the arena! :)

I love the truth and that is my basis for respect for Ayn and her fellow travelers.


With respect,

The student.

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Actually, since she was a philosopher and is no longer alive, anyone who did not know her personally may properly refer to her simply as "Rand." Since she was a novelist, one may also refer to her by her full name, "Ayn Rand." Peikoff, and others who knew her personally, often refer to her as "Miss Rand," which is appropriate given their relationship, although I see no reason why Objectivists who did not know her should do the same. One does not refer to "Mr. Aristotle," or "Mr. Locke," or even, "Mr. Washington."

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