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Well, logging into blogger and changing my profile doesn't do it. Maybe I'd have to post something. Or maybe I just missed the boat and will have to wait for the 0.1 release. Meh.


As you may have heard, MT is not going to be free any longer. However, b2evolution has pretty much all the same doodads as MT, and then some, and is very much free, and has a much simpler setup than MT. (All php/MySQL - No perl.) It's a cousin of Wordpress (both are decended from the original b2/CafeLog) but it's got much more going for it in the way of features. In fact, if you wanted to set up a metablog, you can even use it to host multiple different blogs all in the same site.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, forgot to mention...

I've been using b2evolution for some time now, and am a member of the dev team. I'd be happy to help set it up if you wanted to go that route and ran into any snags.

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