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  1. I first read Ms. Rand's work when I was sixteen and I knew I had found something that will be a part of my life forever. Eight years later and it still holds true! I remember feeling something similar to what Rearden's reaction to Francisco's words were during the wedding anniversary party, I felt as though she was telling me what I hadn't been able to put into words. Dinesh.
  2. sN, Thats exactly what I was thinking. If you read about it, people don't particularly care about the value of those gold coins. They do care about how to market them. The main aim is to recruit more people. I think that even if GoldQuest were to do away with those gold coins and just ask for the money, people would still invest. For me there's no question about investing in such schemes, cause neither am I convinced about its profitability nor do I have the time to go running after people. Dinesh.
  3. A few days back, a friends mom was trying to persuade me to invest in GoldQuest's scheme. It basically goes like this:- 1/ You invest around INR 30,000/- and buy gold coins from GoldQuest. 2/ In turn, you enlist 2 more people who will make the same investment for which you get INR 2000/- each as commission. 3/ Now, for any more members enlisted by those below you, you keep getting Rs. 2000/- as commission (and hence you can form a big tree of associations, bringing in a lot of money, 'supposedly'). 4/ Caveat, you start getting the commissions only after 6 people are under you. The gold coins are limited editions of sorts. Has anyone else heard of this? How do companies like GoldQuest make money? Dinesh.
  4. The 3 video's are brilliant! Have you ever noticed how people like Haggard tend to use the word "somehow" so much? "The eye formed, somehow"! I had a teacher like that once (a very religious one), for each of my questions during debates on various topics, the only answer I used to get was "somehow"! Moose, which particular book are you talking about? I'd like to read it! Dinesh.
  5. First, start by telling him you don't have ESP. So if he wants this relationship to work, he needs to start talking or get the hell out of your way. I cannot bring myself to even comprehend what he means by saying he is indifferent to your presence when he in fact professes love for you. I'm in love and I know that when she's around I barely notice anything else. It takes two to enjoy and cherish a relationship and you deserve better than him saying "its ok that I ignore you." By what standard? Dinesh.
  6. If we are going for not so famous actors, what about Vladimir Kulrich as Galt? He played Buliwyf in the "13th Warriror" Dinesh.
  7. Dr. Sultan is an amazing woman She absolutely rocks!! I actually saw the video following the link from Cox & Forkum, and man did it have a lasting effect! Cox & Forkum's cartoon too is very fitting! I love their stuff Here's to people like Wafa Sultan! Dinesh.
  8. Just wanted to poll the forum here to find out if anyone has read "Shadows of the Mind" by Roger Penrose and also "A Different Universe" by Robert B. Laughlin. What did you think of it? Dinesh.
  9. "Remember the Titans" is an amazing movie! On similar lines, there are two other real-life sport movies I really like - "Without Limits" & "Rudy". The former being one of my all-time favourites Check them out too. Dinesh.
  10. Ayn Rand used to say that in real life you ignore the inconsequential and in fiction you just omit it. This, in my opinion, is the reason behind the absence of religion or for that matter, the distinction between who was black / white in AS (there was a post regarding this isuue too on OO.net). She addresses the root of religion, which is unreason. I think thats sufficient. Dinesh.
  11. "Naughty, but Prometheus" "Prometheus - It Does a Body Good" "Kids Will Do Anything For Prometheus." "The Prometheus That Likes To Say Yes." "Lightening the Prometheus" "Have You Had Your Dinesh Today?" "It's Slightly Rippled with a Flat Dinesh" "I Was a Dinesh Weakling" "A Dinesh A Day Helps You Work, Rest and Play." Hmmmmm. No Comment Dinesh.
  12. What do you think of this article? Also check out Black Light Power, Inc. Thoughts anyone?? Dinesh.
  13. I absolutely love programming in C++ I really like the multi-paradigm programming capability that C++ gives! Java is fun, but personally not as satisfying as coding in C++. And as far as .NET goes, the more I learn about it, the more I like I'm not the GUI kinds Console based programming really gives me the kicks All in all, if I were to migrate, .NET seems to be the likely choice for me! Dinesh.
  14. Would it be possible to get a transcript of the debate? I will not be able to listen to it live. Dinesh.
  15. I am not much into the WoW or AoE genre, but I'm on the whole very fond of computer games Including their programming aspect. Some of the games I really like to play are: 1. SWAT 3 2. Ghost Recon 3. Half-Life (Counter Strike) Dinesh.
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