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Big Changes for John Lewis

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By Diana from NoodleFood,cross-posted by MetaBlog

John Lewis told me that I could post this announcement about some significant changes in his life. He writes:

I received tenure, and promotion to Associate Professor of History, at Ashland University. I will be on academic leave next year at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center of Bowling Green State University, to complete my book
Nothing Less than Victory: Military Offense and the Lessons of History
under contract with Princeton University Press. I will participate in graduate seminars, including one on Political Economy that includes a section on Ayn Rand.

Casey is taking a job at Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina, in IT, to implement patient records systems in some 90 outpatient clinics. I will join here there in May of 2008. I have resigned Ashland effective May, 2008 (after my leave); my days dealing with small people at a small school are over. If anyone owns a University in NC, and needs a History professor, they should contact me.

As you might imagine, these tidbits are just the tip of the iceberg. The details are culturally significant, so I hope that John writes about them at some point.

Speaking of culturally significant, Nick Provenzo has two posts (one brief and one long) on John Lewis' initially-canceled-then-rescheduled lecture at George Mason University on Islamic totalitarianism. It was... er... exciting. You can hear that for yourself in the audio recording of the lecture.


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