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    Fallacy of Logical Omniscience

    It can be anything, even the old belief. That's not evasion. To be exact, it's probably not repression, but acknowledging the fact they were shot but then focusing on more important things at the moment. The fallacy of logical omniscience is not a type of evasion. It's accusing someone of evasion or bad reasoning, but wrongly. Just because we both know that Socrates is a man, doesn't mean we both know that Socrates is mortal. The fallacy would be that I say you're evading because you claim you don't know that Socrates is mortal, despite knowing Socrates is a man. It might make more sense actually to call it a cognitive bias. Logical omniscience is the idea that if you know A, it also implies that you know everything that follows from A.
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    Fallacy of Logical Omniscience

    Before I reply more, how does one decide if a statement is a tangent? It seems to me that you knowing or declaring something to be a tangent commits the fallacy, unless (most) tangents are welcomed openly.