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  1. I don't think she made that argument, so if you really think that's the position, please provide a quote. At the very least, the patch of land that the house rests on is in use. You physically cannot simultaneously use that patch of land at the same time as me. If you want to use that patch of land, you have to force me off of it (get a crane and push my house to the side) or you can persuade me to get off of it (trade money with me so that I give you the land that the house is sitting on). Now, it might seem like this is all true of man-made resources, but not true of natural re
  2. Because someone else is using it at the time. The only thing needed to ask is how wide of an area do you have claim to. If I own a house, does that mean I own only the room I occupy? Do I own the entire city? Do I own the entire development? If I took a rocket to the moon, could I claim to own the entire moon because no one else occupies the moon?
  3. 1) I am better able to think of why I care to do what I do. Personally, I see a large part of my professional goals as understanding and applying principles of how people think creatively in terms of psychology. It's an aspect of understanding human consciousness. It's part of a wider purpose to live my life in a flourishing way, understanding the world around me and my own mind. 3) I am better able to see the big picture. Or I am better able to see how things operate in the big picture, because I can find an underlying principle without resorting to oversimplifying or ignoring the contex
  4. Right, and the vast majority of political movements now and throughout history have been deeply collectivistic. Not sure what you're asking? You asked me if I think everybody is a collectivist, so I answered how I don't think that.
  5. At the margins, not really. Certain kinds of anarchists I would consider closer to individualism than others, and not a form of collectivism. And some American politicians before Teddy Roosevelt. And there are huge amounts of relatively apolitical people that I think are more inclined towards individualism as a philosophy (the majority of Americans). But certainly, conservatives are without a doubt collectivists, it's not even maybe.
  6. You said something similar to me. Christians and conservatives are collectivists. You seem adamant to say that Christians and conservatives are basically confused individualists. That's much more controversial than you saying that CRT and postmodernism are philosophical threats. With Swig we've made at least 2 episodes related to CRT. So it is not as if no one is taking on that kind of thing.
  7. Similar types of communities exist in America and they assimilate fine. That's why I brought up Chinatowns. I'm asking you reasons people might want to congregate together, so that we can talk about the nature of these microcosms. How much of it is a combination of various cultures? Are there subcultures? Which aspects of the new environment are adopted, and why? Questions like that. Otherwise, we are just throwing around assumptions without any consideration. Are you sure? Jews received a lot of hate for the kind of reasons you've been discussing - they have different practic
  8. But why? I doubt that it is true, but even if it is, we don't have to suppose that the reason is because they are immigrants. Why would it be that a foreign culture that they are only exposed to at home exerts more cultural pressure than the culture they see everywhere else? Like above, I doubt this is true and I don't know how you could simply know that the area was 90% Muslim just by walking by. But even if it is true, you have to ask why it developed into a microcosm, and to what extent the microcosm has adopted or significantly mixed with the local culture. China Towns across the
  9. Well, the basic answer is you would not be able to sustain your life off of UBI. But besides that, there is no evidence that people would feel sufficiently fulfilled. Seeking fulfillment is the only motivation people need. My point was basically that this kind of thing isn't nearly as bad as anything CRT could ever come up with, and could be harnessed to at least demonstrate why minimizing the government's role in directly managing your life is really a good thing.
  10. They're both characterized by collectivism, I don't know what you're trying to prove. I already agree that the soul can be thought of in a somewhat individualistic way. I don't think religious conservatives believe in the soul in a somewhat individualistic way. If that's the definition you want to use, fine. It doesn't help though, because it doesn't distinguish religious conservative. By that definition and continuum, religious conservatives are leftists. One of these days I will make a thread about UBI. Basically, my argument would be that UBI is good to the extent that it
  11. Well, there is, I'm saying that this question actually is appropriate. But I still don't get why you haven't defined Leftist. I didn't answer the question because I didn't think it mattered. But since you're very curious, I don't think either the left (the term is still unwieldy) or conservatives are a much better path to better establishing individual rights. I'm inclined to prefer the left if forced to choose, as long as we aren't talking about those who push the narrative of CRT or Communism. But it's a marginal difference. It's because I think universal basic income and things along
  12. Maybe you could do some general categorization of apparent sense of life, such as negative or positive or pessimistic or cynical. But I doubt you could categorize a complete sense of life, because so much of it can only be understood from your own perspective. Only you can categorize your habitual ways of thinking, and that might even be essential to sense of life. Personality and temperament can help identify aspects of a sense of life though. I can talk about someone's tendency towards defensiveness. I can talk about someone's inclination towards introversion. But sense of life is even
  13. Do we? If you mean first-generation adults, perhaps. If you mean the children of that first-generation, not really, they will assimilate just as well as any other child. Carnegie was born in Scotland by the way, it is not as if some standout Americans that we think of as Americans are never immigrants. By the way, the example you gave of ethnic minorities voting for Trump doesn't have anything to do with adapting to a culture. On top of that, not all ethnic minorities are immigrants... What kind of limitation are you thinking of?
  14. He's very cringe and a pretty clear case of a collectivist based on the nonsense from PragerU I've seen. Still, better than the people that Bernstein was referring to. He wasn't at all talking about Jewish conservatives. The Christians are the scary ones.
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