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  1. ITEP and three tax topics ITEP and depreciation
  2. Stephen, thanks for posting those articles (written 48 years ago!). Part of both are about the concept of selfishness and how it differs in meaning between Objectivism and others. I wrote two articles now in JARS that address this difference – “The Beneficiary Statement and Beyond” (link to abstract) and “Egoism and Others” (link to abstract). Both are too recent to be read for free on JSTOR. In the articles I address the different meanings. I didn’t explicitly say so in the articles, but a key difference is the broad categories to which they primarily belong. The common meaning of “selfishness” is primarily about an action. The Objectivist meaning is primarily about a psychological trait or motivation. Also, the actions per the common meaning are ones that happen occasionally, whereas the psychological trait or motivation per the Objectivist meaning has a role during most of one’s life while awake. It’s no wonder to me that these different meanings create such different reactions to them by different people.
  3. Netflix income taxes 2018 AOC's "free stuff" ITEP makes a myth
  4. Free market healthcare Amazon income taxes addenda
  5. Employer-sponsored health insurance #1 Employer-sponsored health insurance #2
  6. The first paragraph of this article and the first paragraph of Section 2 in it describe it pretty well.
  7. Medicare for All: Pushback against Warren
  8. Medicare for All: Profligate Sanders Medicare for All: Warren's Chicanery
  9. Wrong. See here. India's emissions in 2017 were almost half that of the USA. (China's was more than double the USA.)
  10. Medicare for All Myths Medicare for All: Chicanery from The Guardian
  11. Medicare for All and Insurance for None?
  12. Attention intruders Nobody asks Bernie Sanders these questions
  13. Crystal Fire #1 Crystal Fire #2 Crystal Fire #3
  14. Democratic demagogues about health insurance
  15. I don't know, but crab apples are legit. 😊
  16. I put a review of Mathematics is About the World on Amazon. I will consider suggestions for improving it.
  17. In one sense the dimension of a matrix is always 2 -- it has rows and it has columns. The usual meaning of a matrix's dimension is the number of rows and the number of columns -- e.g. 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, ... mxn (link). My saying "matrices with more than 3 dimensions" was less than exact. My intent was a 4x4, 5x5, etc. which do not have spatial counterparts. I don't know what you mean by "matrix with 3 or more dimensions."
  18. Spheres of Justice #13 Spheres of Justice #14
  19. I finished reading Knapp’s book, Mathematics is About the World. I rate it 5 stars, but with some room for improvement. Knapp barely mentions arithmetic and counting. More about arithmetic would strengthen his thesis that mathematics is about the world. The positive integers used for counting (and zero) form the foundation for the real numbers. Understanding addition and subtraction of fractions call upon the important concepts of unit and transformation, which he does use extensively for different topics – measuring and vector spaces. As an aside, as I have already indicated, mathematics is also about the way we think about the world. Mathematicians “extrapolate” concepts beyond perceptual reality. Examples are complex numbers and matrices with more than 3 dimensions.
  20. Okay. Any idea about content, e.g. more of this and less of that?
  21. Regarding Robert Knapp's book, the author acknowledges Binswanger's help, and Binswanger wrote a 5-star review of it for Amazon. So I'm curious if you have any clues about how a book by Binswanger would differ from Knapp's?
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