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  1. Reference: The Storming Of The Capitol "The first is: I think the iron rule of autocracy is very simple. It's this message: If you challenge me, you will lose and I will win. I think that's like--that's just it. That's the rule. So, you apply that anywhere in history, anywhere in the world, at any time in history, anywhere in the world, and the successful autocrat--and the autocrat can be the leader of a drug gang in your neighborhood, or it could be the leader of a political party, you know, in a democratic country. But, if you're the leader, what you want to convey is: If you challenge
  2. https://www.econtalk.org/gary-shiffman-on-the-economics-of-violence/ offers a unique perspective on violence, 1 hour interview
  3. Easy Truth, Your ideal says nil about insurance. Few people can pay the cost of medical, especially if hospitalized, out-of-pocket. Most need insurance (similar to auto or homeowners insurance), to mitigate a high claim amount. I didn't say or suggest taxation of medical expenses. I meant taxation of premiums paid for medical insurance paid by employers.
  4. What do you consider ideal? I doubt either Republicans or Democrats would push it. Neither would want employer-paid insurance to be taxable income. Especially government and unionized employees, which have high cost plans with rich benefits! To make it more feasible, I believe making the change would need to be paired with a cut in income tax rates.
  5. Some doctors do on a concierge basis. The structural change I described would push out government interference and employers, leaving the matter between insurer and insured.
  6. Easy Truth, A huge step to a free market for health insurance health would get away from government interference. The the two-part structure of the market for people under age 65 needs radically altered. The individual market suffers because the group insurance market has been made too big, which is much attributable to government intervention. Employer-paid Health Insurance Employer-sponsored health insurance #1
  7. Teachers unions and political power Pre-existing conditions
  8. Aw, shucks. It's not nearby. NASA's Glenn Research Center is only 9 miles away. They open it to visitors occasionally and we toured it a few years ago. There are virtual tours here. We also attended a Science Cafe Cleveland event in February. The speakers were from NASA Glenn Research Center. Speaker David McKissock was hilarious, especially when he talked about working with the Russians. He said the Russians have a very different perspective than Americans. The Science Cafe has not met the latest few months due to the pandemic. We have much missed going when there are topics like th
  9. The place and dates of OCON 2021 have been changed -- to Austin, Texas, and August 27–September 1, 2021.
  10. Thomas Sowell: A Vote at the Crossroads Thomas Sowell: Is Truth Irrelevant?
  11. I already registered and paid for OCON 2021, carried over from last year. I checked into Amtrak trains CLE-WAS-CLE. The cost is nearly the same as flying. I will keep it in mind. Washington, DC has a very nice Metro rail system.
  12. Income tax for 2020 (2021 tax season)
  13. Another smear of Turbotax and H&R Block Coronavirus - profits from vaccines
  14. Dupin, Heh. Duh! What is the relevance of your article? Of course, a statement might be true, or partly true and partly false, or totally false. The same applies to a set of statements. However, when you start with what is largely false and construe it as largely or wholly true, that’s called voluntary derailment. When you assume that the hearsay of Donald Trump, whose standards for truthfulness are far below average, are true, then your speech acts become irrelevant.
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