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  1. Dude, do you really not understand the difference between "condition" and "conditional"? Self, ignore him(?). You have seen how much he(?) ignores your questions. Ditto to you. Bye.
  2. "In November 2018, Florida voters passed Amendment 4, a measure that restores voting rights to certain felons (nearly 1.4 million people) once they have served their sentences, including parole and probation. Those convicted of murder and sexual offenses remain unable to vote. In March 2019, a state law was passed that limits Amendment 4. That law requires former felons to either pay all fees that they owe as part of their case or get their sentence modified in order to register to vote. At the time of its passing, this law prevented nearly 775,000 felons from voting." https://www.fi
  3. I didn’t ask what you know or anybody else knows with certainty about something that hasn’t yet happened. I asked you about a probability. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Definition of "condition." The word “receiving” is not on that page.
  4. Part of 60 Minutes last night was about ex-felons being able to vote in Florida. I learned that the record-keeping for knowing whether on not an ex-felon has outstanding fines & whatever, or even how many $$ they are, is atrocious. Regardless, in my view, that does not justify bribery. Fix the eligibility rules for ex-felons to vote by changing the law and cleaning up the mess. Click on the part of the page linked above about this matter. Then the new page includes another link to see the 60 Minutes episode. The main guest is President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.
  5. Really? Are you trying to say that the probability of the ex-felons' votes is 50% Democrat and 50% Republican or close to that? If so: 1. What is your evidence or justification for that? 2. Do you really believe that Michael Bloomberg believes in a 50%/50% probability (or close)? If yes, why would the Trump hater be willing to spend $$millions to enable the ex-felons to vote? 3. Do you really believe that ActBlue -- committed to electing Democrats and channeling money to Florida Rights Restoration to enable ex-felons to vote --believes in a 50%/50% probability (or close)?
  6. A leader in the effort to enable felons in Florida to vote by paying their outstanding fines & whatever is the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. I went to its website https://floridarrc.com/. When the page loaded and I scrolled down a bit, there was a clickable 'Donate Today' rectangle. Proceeding as if I were going to donate, I saw the following (URL = https://wegotthevote.org/freethevote/): "ActBlue Charities is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under the law. "I acknowledge that my contribution i
  7. Teen: "Math isn't real" Coronavirus - how much infected? #2 A socialist’s view of the self-employed
  8. David Odden, I am not a lawyer nor consider myself well-informed about the legalities of the Mike Bloomberg and Florida vote situation. My comment about bribery was my philosophical perspective. Is Bloomberg’s paying these fines a bribe or a gift? It is far more a bribe in my opinion. I posed the question, For it to not be a bribe, shouldn't the felon or ex-felon be able to choose between cash-in-hand and paying the fines? Based on what I have read Bloomberg is not offering cash-in-hand as an alternative. You cited federal law about vote-buying. Fine. Also apparently relevant leg
  9. Stephen, I am not a one-issue voter about any narrow topic. I judge candidates according to where he/she fits on my ranking scale from -10 to +10, where -10 = totalitarian and +10 = advocates equal, optimal freedoms for all, the state doing only its proper functions. The extremes being -10 = maximum coercion or bullying and +10 = minimum coercion or bullying would be a good scale, too. Economic freedoms get their due weight in where I rank anybody. Regarding actual voting, it is usually and unfortunately the case of choosing the lesser of two evils. I put Biden well on the negative s
  10. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/517522-bloomberg-pays-fines-for-32000-felons-in-florida-so-they-can-vote When I saw this early yesterday, my reaction was: Paying fines or paying bribes? For it to not be a bribe, shouldn't the felon or ex-felon be able to choose between cash-in-hand and paying the fines? I was glad to see the following several hours later. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/matt-gaetz-election-bribery-probe-bloomberg-florida
  11. The Logic of Bell Curve Leftism #3
  12. The Logic of Bell Curve Leftism #2
  13. Yesterday I watched most of the video debate here between Yaron Brook and Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan was pretty bad.
  14. The Logic of Bell Curve Leftism #1
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