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  1. Jeopardy GOAT The Knowledge Illusion #2
  2. The actor could regret such behavior later. Making a habit of such behavior is probably detrimental in the long-run. Ethics, surely for Rand, concerns the long-run, not merely the short-run.
  3. A case for socialism The Knowledge Illusion #1
  4. Paying higher taxes ProPublica is finally helpful
  5. NY Times climate change editorial News about free filing income taxes
  6. Pewdiepie gets to the Nicomachean Ethics at about 5:30.
  7. Thanks. I shall take a look. I also recommend A Life of Discovery, a biography of Michael Faraday by James Hamilton. I blogged about it here. There are links to #2, #3, and #4. Both Faraday and his mentor Humphrey Davy were fascinating lecturers.
  8. It wasn't clear to me what your qualms were. Anyway, as for Rand's meaning of "selfishness" being psychological, see "Selfishness Without a Self" in Philosophy: Who Needs It. An excerpt: "A man's self is his mind[.]" (hb p. 60). Also, the two meanings of "selfishness" I addressed belong primarily to different broad categories. Each affords inferences to the other's category.
  9. Health insurance administrative cost Bernie's Medicare for All Megamillionaires
  10. 12/19/2019 Biden vs Sanders re M4A
  11. AB5 affects truckers, too. https://www.truckinginfo.com/340211/california-bill-means-end-for-independent-trucking-in-state http://peninsulapress.com/2019/11/27/truck-owners-protest-against-ab-5-a-california-gig-economy-law/
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