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  1. Perhaps the reductionist materialist model assumes too much. Helen Steward believes so as she explains in A Metaphysics for Freedom. I have some blogposts about this book. See especially #6 and #7.
  2. Coronavirus – clinical trials #5 (& statistics) Coronavirus -- vaccine effectiveness Truth, Power, Money
  3. Huh? Trump has been honest? Now that's hyperbole.
  4. Self-employment taxes A Metaphysics for Freedom #6
  5. Your quote matches 14 words of the following exactly minus a comma. "Moralistic fallacy – inferring factual conclusions from evaluative premises, in violation of fact-value distinction; e.g. making statements about what is, on the basis of claims about what ought to be. This is the inverse of the naturalistic fallacy." (link).
  6. I regard political platforms the way I do advertising. Ayn Rand's defense of individual rights included a clear, strong banning of the initiation of force. The Democrat does not. The Republican platforms does not w/o a religious base. Also, Democrats favor the initiation of force more than Republicans do, especially against business people.
  7. What you "quoted" was about the moralistic fallacy, which is the inverse of the naturalistic fallacy.
  8. Huh? "The is–ought problem, as articulated by the Scottish philosopher and historian David Hume, arises when a writer makes claims about what ought to be that are based solely on statements about what is" (link).
  9. This is not a moral ought. The most cited part of Hume's Treatise of Human Nature regarding is-ought is titled "Of Morals." The general form of a moral ought is 'Some human ought to do or not do X.'
  10. What do you regard as nonsense -- naturalistic fallacy or naturalistic fallacy fallacy or both? The first makes sense to me, but not the second.
  11. When I wrote A Metaphysics for Freedom #1 on Nov. 2, I didn’t include much from pages 9-12 in order to emphasize her argument for free will rather than her argument against determinism. This morning I added an addenda to #1 that will hopefully satisfy MisterSwig for the present.
  12. "The moment of settling is when the agents decides and acts and hence settles the matter in a particular way" (p. 39). This was included in A Metaphysics for Freedom #2. Steward alluded to the determinist hypothesis when she wrote the following that I quoted in #3. "An algorithmic or functionalist view of the earthworm’s behavior can only go so far." But I will look for a more extended passage where she says why she disagrees with determinism.
  13. Science of Nerdiness; Statistics A Metaphysics for Freedom #1
  14. Why is the initiation of force the only permissible criteria? Suppose X does intend to join a criminal gang but lies about it, i.e. he commits fraud. I said nothing even remotely similar. Rand did not limit wrongs to the initiation of physical force. She also included “indirect physical force” such as fraud and extortion.
  15. So what? It was the only example he gave. I didn’t label any examples as paradigmatic or non-paradigmatic. You dishonestly alleged dishonesty.
  16. I wasn't involved in the past debates about immigration on OO, nor have I thought about the topic a lot. Regardless, using Juan seeking a job at Starbucks as the only example oversimplifies. Some immigrants may not have such laudable motives. What if X plans to join a criminal gang? What if X is a dependent and the motive is to exploit the USA's welfare system?
  17. I'm sorry to hear about your condition. Is it genetic? Regarding disclosing your condition to a potential insurer, my advice is to honestly answer the questions when applying. The questions on the application I linked appear open-ended and the insurer could follow up on any answers you provide. Note that said application does not want genetic test results. I wouldn't take that as universal and it might be required legalese (link). I suggest looking into the life-LTC combination. It will likely cost more than either coverage alone. On the other hand, an insurer might be more willing t
  18. You say "long-term disability", but long term care is quite similar. Your hypothetical is extremely unrealistic. I replace "you" with "X" in what follows. X expertly diagnoses his own condition and knows he is a big LTC risk. However, no other doctors can understand it. X also assumes the insurer's underwriting will be totally incapable of detecting X's condition and its LTC risk. What sort of symptoms is X basing his diagnosis on? And no other doctors can detect or understand those symptoms? Here is an alternative question for you. Is it immoral for X to buy whole life insura
  19. Getting rid of Obamacare's mandate to purchase health insurance or be penalized ("taxed') is not evidence? -------- President Trump is no deficit/debt hawk. For fiscal years 2017-19 federal deficits and spending were higher than any of 2014-16 with Obama as President. Fiscal responsibility would have advised surpluses during 2017-19, when the economy was growing and after the 2010-16 recovery from the bad years 2008-09. On the other hand, indications are that Biden is even less fiscally responsible than Trump. This article projects the deficit impact of Trump's and Biden’s COVID
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