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  1. I am not finding a lot of info about the quality of ventilators and using them. But here goes. Several news stories report doctors saying there is a great shortage of ventilators in Italy. Do they have old ventilators or new cutting edge ones? No answer. I don’t see similar stories about shortages in Switzerland. Maybe in Switzerland there are more ventilators available, doctors know better how to use them, and/or they have better ventilators. Maybe hospitals in Switzerland are freer and more adaptive to getting supplies than they are in Italy. Coronavirus' ventilator demand: Who makes them and what will it take to get them? lists several ventilator makers. One of them is Hamilton Medical in Switzerland, which has raised its production in response to demand (link). Interestingly, the CEO says about his company’s devices: “The new generation of these devices has a so-called closed-loop ventilation. This means that you almost only have to put the mask on the patient or intubate him. And then the device does everything necessary fully automatically based on pressure, volume, lung mechanics and other parameters that measure heart and lung functions, for example. This relieves the physician from having to check again and again whether the device is set correctly or whether it needs readjustment. And it provides additional safety, especially in countries where the expertise of medical personnel does not match the level in this country." This article gives the impression that the ventilator must be used, or be designed, in the right way in order to give optimal controlled assistance to the patient. This article shows a picture of one of these devices.
  2. Well, the article I wrote about was published only 2 days ago, and I noticed it last night. So Taiwan wasn't on my radar screen until then and investigating it didn't instantly become my top priority. Anyway, I found the following news story. Fear of China Made Taiwan a Coronavirus Success Story Hope that helps.
  3. Regarding the immune system, in recent news there is talk about trying to use antibodies from people who have recovered from the coronavirus to treat patients suffering from the coronavirus.
  4. That's worth wondering about. For the comparison to be informative, the two different sets of test cases need to be otherwise as similar as possible. It the set of patients on ventilators are older and their health conditions much worse than the set of patients not on ventilators, then the comparison would not be very informative. By a similar standard, I admit that my comparing Switzerland to Italy and Spain may not be highly informative. The perspective is without doubt a "bird's eye view." Yet the differences between the countries are big enough to urge me to believe they are worth considering.
  5. Eiuol, I'm not a medical professional, but adding to what dream_weaver wrote: Acute respiratory distress syndrome. The ventilator assists the intake of oxygen. Speculating, that might assist the body's immune system. By the way, Elon Musk wants to make ventilators in NY (link).
  6. Eiuol, It seems more accurate to say there is no good cure for coronavirus. This article is about treatment. Some patients have been given drugs experimentally, which has helped some, and many are recovering from the virus. Aren't ventilators, which are often in news stories such as this one, a treatment? If a patient with COVID-19 has great difficulty breathing, can be put in a hospital on a ventilator, and survives, that strikes me as better than no hospital and no ventilator. It sounds plausible to me that the patient is better off in Switzerland than Italy or Spain. One thing I read about recently that is attributed to the high prevalence of coronavirus in Italy (and Iran) is the “One Belt and One Road” (OBOR) initiative. See here and here. Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks, dream_weaver. I added that to my blog post Coronavirus #4.
  8. Yes, tentatively. I say "tentatively" since the Worldometer numbers change often and ceteris paribus. Based on the following numbers captured only minutes ago, the mortality rate for Italy is about 7.4 times that for Switzerland. I added Spain and the USA this time. Date Country Total Cases Total Deaths Tot Cases/ 1M pop Tot Deaths/ 1M pop Deaths / Cases 3/25/2020 Italy 69,176 6,820 1,144 113 9.86% 3/25/2020 Spain 47,610 3434 1,018 73 7.21% 3/25/2020 Switzerland 10,171 135 1,175 16 1.33% 3/25/2020 USA 54,963 784 166 2 1.43% Also, the age distribution of the countries' infected populations may differ and mortality rates vary significantly by age regardless. For example the following are mortality rates from the 2016 US Life Table. Death probability Age Male Female 65 0.015808 0.009761 70 0.023122 0.015413 75 0.035963 0.025035 80 0.057712 0.042539 85 0.096603 0.073763 90 0.163689 0.129706 Recognizing the caveats, I believe it is still safe to say that Switzerland's health care system is handling the pandemic much better than Italy's or Spain's. Based on this page, it seems that Spain's health care system is very much under government control with patients paying very little. There is some private health insurance.
  9. Coronavirus #4 *** Moderator Note*** Further discussion spurred by this post split to: C & C Coronavirus #4
  10. It will probably be on YouTube shortly afterward. “THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT DURING A HEALTH CRISIS” Wednesday, March 25, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern / 11:00 a.m. Pacific Governments are taking unprecedented measures to restrict travel and shut down businesses in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Politicians are justifying these measures by invoking emergency, even wartime, powers. What is the proper role of government during a health crisis like this one? What values should guide us in thinking about proper policy in regard to life and death issues, especially in an individualistic society? Join us for another special episode of Philosophy for Living on Earth to get clarity on these questions. Onkar Ghate and Gregory Salmieri will join us and add their perspective. To join us live, click here at 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT. Or, go to https://zoom.us/join and use Meeting ID: 812-506-718. To join by phone, dial +1 (646) 876-9923 and use Meeting ID: 812-506-718.
  11. I haven't read the book, but suspect it is trash based on brief descriptions of it that I have seen and the video you posted interviewing the author. At about 3 minutes, she uses the phrase "no intellectual depth." That aptly describes Duggan herself.
  12. https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2020/04/09/ayn-rand-siren-selfishness/ Cass Sunstein's reviews The Siren of Selfishness in The New York Review of Books. I read what is visible to non-subscribers. I am not tempted to subscribe to read the rest. The review ends with: "It wasn’t as though I detected a logical flaw in Rand’s writing and decided to embrace altruism, or that I began to like the New Deal and the welfare state. It was more visceral than that. Reading and thinking about Rand’s novels felt like being trapped in…" Is that entrapment? It's at least clever marketing.
  13. "How To Think about Coronavirus and Our Society's Response" is now on YouTube. Yaron Brook also did a show yesterday about the coronavirus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s89AJYF7T5M
  14. Today's ARI Webinar session is "How To Think about Coronavirus and Our Society's Response." The starting time is 1:30 p.m. Eastern / 10:30 a.m. Pacific. Registration is needed, but that is free. https://courses.aynrand.org/webinars/register
  15. http://aynrandlexicon.com/lexicon/errors_of_knowledge_vs_breaches_of_morality.html
  16. Forbes: Climate change alarmist incoherence 'All rise' for Clarence Thomas
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