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  1. I look forward to reading it, Stephen. I also will have an article in the July JARS. The title is Selfish vs Selfish. (There are two legit meanings.)
  2. Another possibility: https://thesecretofthetarot.com/angel-number-115/
  3. Open mind vs. closed mind vs. active mind. What matters to the author is open or closed. Style vs. substance. Truth??? https://www.academia.edu/34121016/Rhetorical_Closure?email_work_card=view-paper
  4. That nobody asked does not imply that nobody is interested in knowing where specifically Aristotle wrote about teleology. Why don't you ask 2046 why he felt the need to be sarcastic?
  5. Huh? My writing "gibberish," which was flippant, referred to the numbers in the following.
  6. Gibberish to some people. Are you one of them?
  7. Aristotle, Generation of Animals 5.8, 789a8–b15 Aristotle, Physics, 2.8, 199b27-9
  8. Per my understanding: A rock has no final cause when it's just sitting there. A final cause is teleological. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teleology A rock is given a final cause if a living thing imparts one, like David slinging it at Goliath, or a chimp using it to crack nut shells.
  9. Thanks, Stephen. Being in-formed matters.
  10. https://merjet46.blogspot.com/2021/02/david-french-on-abortion.html
  11. California passed AB-5, and a judge ruled it applied to Uber and Lyft drivers, treating them as employees rather than independent contractors. Then Proposition 22 passed, supporting and supported by Uber and Lyft. The California state government and unions are still fighting to treat the drivers as employees. How control is divided between the drivers and the companies makes the battleground. Control by the drivers favors them being independent contractors, whereas control by the companies favors them being employees. Uber Lyft Taxes is no small part of it. If employees, the c
  12. Oops. To not examine fleeting and superficial ones is not faking reality, but focusing on more important things.
  13. Impulsively , no. Examining every emotion, no matter how fleeting and superficial, would be a profound waste of time. To examine fleeting and superficial ones is not faking reality, but focusing on more important things.
  14. GameStop and three other pols || Nancy Pelosi and rules
  15. The link for the book doesn't work. This Amazon one does for now.
  16. This assumes a narrow meaning of "force." It need not be limited to actual physical force. What about threats or even unintended force? "My parents made me eat all on my plate when I didn't want to." Laws punish attempted murder and manslaughter.
  17. Yeah, I didn't think to include that term.
  18. Section 230 was passed in 1996. How the Internet was used before then -- see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_230#Background_and_passage -- versus now are very different. Pre-1996: Popular content was message boards and porn. (Porn was pretty mild then compared to now.) Now: Facebook, Twitter, fake news, extremists.
  19. I disagree. Bayer and Simpson claim that only a government can censor. "It is not a mere semantic issue nor a matter of arbitrary choice. The meaning ascribed to the word "selfishness" in popular use is not merely wrong [.]" (The Virtue of Selfishness, vii).
  20. Aha. You speak for everybody, including me.
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