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  1. I'm in as well, what are we reading first?
  2. I'll look into some Hugo, thanks!
  3. I love Rand's non-fiction, but when it comes to fiction, these are my favorite eras. Frankenstein and Alice in Wonderland are two favorites! What do you like?
  4. nakulanb

    My Music

    Your words have inspired me so much today logic, I've been practicing extra hard for my show coming up next month!
  5. And no, it does not have to be rebellion, but, it can be. The point of the post is to understand our motivations.
  6. nakulanb

    My Music

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! I am classically trained, that is my level of training. I taught myself how to compose and have come a long way since I first started. I enjoy performing at nursing homes for a minimal fee, and am working on becoming a therapist in Kentucky. Those are my two main passions in life!
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    My Music

    Please listen and provide feedback on my music here. I would be very grateful! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUv3y1LKuZfwbOgBiV30dA/videos Thanks, Nakulan
  8. Have you moved to the area yet? It would be great to meet up!
  9. I'm a bit in the dark on really solid ones, Tim Burton is ok, but I'm looking for something more.
  10. Certainly what you have stated is possible as well. Those were just examples of how it could turn out in a negative way. You just took the examples I posed and put them in a positive light, which are absolutely just as valid. I do believe we agree, then!
  11. nakulanb

    Classical music

    I'm listening to Mahler's Symphony 1.
  12. I postulate that the right values to hold in music is to appreciate what does it for you, which can be anything. To understand your subconscious better, you should evaluate the ideas it stores that are driving your tastes. Example 1: If someone values complexity in music regardless of anything else, are they simply attempting to achieve an irrational value of feeling intelligent?Example 2: If someone values simplicity in music regardless of anything else, are they simply rebelling against those who are trying to look intelligent and achieving the value of feeling superior in their humble nature?Is there Psychologically healthy Art Appreciation? To elaborate, two different ppl can view the same piece, one in a psychologically healthy manner and another in a psychologically unhealthy manner.Also, being honest with yourself in what appeals to you Artistically can uncover great Psychological insights.
  13. I had a friend who was an Objectivist in Undergrad and he taught me much about it. I fell in love with Anthem and The Fountainhead. I especially resonated with The Fountainhead in that I am an Artist myself (musician) and found Roark's unwillingness to compromise his Artistic Vision inspiring. Now, I do think if you want to work in any career and you are not the owner of the place, you must find a place where you agree with their values and work accordingly. I love the Independent Pharmacy I work for as a Pharmacy Technician, we value making money, but we also value our patients and doing what's right by them. I also love Rand's concept of Selfishness. I was very much Altruistic growing up and got walked all over. Objectivism changed my life, for the better!
  14. I believe that since most folks are irrational, the goal of maintaining a position and earning an income in a job you take pride in, is achieved by remaining polite and doing what you are told to the best of your ability by your bosses.
  15. I work as a Pharmacy Technician dealing with Customer Service on the phone. I was wondering about any insight people have in how I should interact with such folks in this context? My conclusion is that the goal is to serve the customer, in order to make them feel satisfied to sell our product. I get paid (the goal) by selling medicinal products to patients in need (also a goal) to help make my company succeed (also a goal). In order to keep the customer and make a sale, I must tell them the facts of the medications and focus on keeping them happy; I am there to serve them. Insight would be nice.
  16. I'm looking to reach out to other Objectivists in the area!
  17. nakulanb

    Classical music

    I adore Classical Music, it is my favorite.
  18. Most of the claims you make against Objectivism come off as silly to me. If we don't accept A is A and that our senses are our means of understanding it, it feels foolish to me. The fact that you critique Rand's clarity of writing and that it's not Jargon comes off as silly to me as well. Clarity is good, big words and fancy writing do not help spread ideas, only confuse people's minds.
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