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  1. The mind is the human tool of survival. If the climate changes adversely, our only chance is to unleash free minds to counteract the threat.
  2. I don’t think RT’s theories are based on rationalism at all. They are induced from facts of nature one can observe, and at least ostensibly vindicated by experience.
  3. Arbitrary: there is an afterlife in Heaven where we will be reunited with our loved ones, or where God will meet our justice. Wild speculation: maybe the huge filaments of galaxies we can see are analogous in scale to what sub atomic particles are to the human brain, tiny fundamental components of some greater superstructure, existing within the universe and still bound by the laws of the nature capable of recording and recreating the fact of an individual human consciousness. Logical conclusion: there is no reason to believe anything other than that your consciousness is extinguished upon your death.
  4. I know little of the background of writing Atlas Shrugged but I would think Rand would have consulted professional physicists for help coming up with a concept of something extremely elusive, but not impossible.
  5. I don’t know enough about physics to know. Not that Ayn Rand’s novels are the standard of truth and falsehood, but would Rand have wanted to base Galt’s motor on a concept so flawed that amateurs know it to be wrong?
  6. If something is impossible in reality, shouldn’t it also be impossible in an Ayn Rand novel?
  7. If the events of Atlas Shrugged are not possible in reality, what is the disconnect between the book and reality?
  8. Not that I am naïve enough to hope to live to see it, but is it possible for a free country to come about by any means other than a multi-generational cultural change that will swallow up the lives of everyone alive at the time of its inception? Could a core group of young Randian geniuses pull off an Atlas Shrugged amidst the chaos?
  9. I’d be more enthused if Musk worked on something like Galt’s motor, Rearden Metal, or life extension technology; something that would enable I and my contemporaries to lead better lives. Of course, he owes me nothing, and I respect his right to work on whatever project he wants. Is Musk’s goal of reaching Mars analogous to Columbus’ activities? The latter wanted to discover better routes for commerce, to make money. I don’t want to constrain a genius like Musk with my own small mind, but I don’t see that he’s Columbus. Is Mars a rational value? Is he going to turn it into a profitable enterprise in his lifetime? Are humans suited to flourish there? Is civilization so irrational that man needs a new planet now that all the good continents are taken? I don’t have the answers to these questions.
  10. Being a radical capitalist means I champion the moral principle of individual rights in economics.
  11. What’s in my self-interest is to live the best life possible in an insane society—that does not entail becoming insane myself.
  12. My brother is a🤢 🤮 person. He turned out this way because my father is a massive enabler. Despite being a very intelligent man, he is too irrational to even grasp the concept of enabling. He believes that he cannot kick my brother out of the house, or cut him off financially, and that there is some invisible hand of the universe putting a gun to his head, forcing him to act for my brother’s sake. It has DESTROYED my brother’s life. I am grateful to him for things he has done for me, and maintain a friendly, but aloof relationship with him. I have accepted that he will never change, he is too old and his mind is too irrational, and he will enable until he dies. I stay out of the way of the situation as much as possible, but when I see what has become of my brother, and am exposed to his lifestyle, I feel borderline total disgust for my father for what he has done, and what he continues to do. If I hate my brother, should I also hate my father, who enabled him into oblivion? Is he any less evil?
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