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  1. I'm nowhere near his match, but I’d like to be the Alex Epstein of abolishing the FDA when I grow up. I like the way he attacks along epistemological lines, which are the enemy's true vulnerability. I've been thinking about how to wage the ultimate existential attack on the FDA. It would champion the pro-reason concept of science and attack the mystical authoritarianism the FDA peddles. Since the base of science is reason, the side claiming to represent "science" must prove its claims. The claim that the FDA improves the individual’s or “public’s” health requires proof, of which there is none,
  2. I’ve distanced myself from former friends who are hardcore outspoken leftists, including a very old friend who married a socialist who never shuts up about politics. They might not be totally despicable people, might be nice and have redeeming qualities, but they make me uncomfortable. I have always self-censored my politics, so no one knows I’m an Objectivist. Maybe that’s been a mistake, and I should be more assertive and let others decide whether they want to hate me, but the differences still go too deep for me. Another longtime friend who is a successful insurance salesman, whom I mostly
  3. I don’t necessarily like the particular summary I originally quoted—I’m not going to go back and read it now, but I remember it having an immature, cynical tone—but the red pill (TRP) philosophy emphatically does not in any way endorse “blaming” the opposite sex for your frustration in your sex life; just the opposite, it teaches you NOT to get mad at women for being women, and how to exploit an understanding of your place in the the sexual marketplace to get un-frustrated. It teaches that women who reject you are irrelevant to your life and to be politely indifferent to them. Not just feign i
  4. I’m not thinking TEOTWAKI. The question of economic collapse is always a question of degree. I don’t know what the future looks like, but I’m not optimistic. As stated in the thread title, my two great concerns are a large market correction and inflation. Since the government/Fed prints money to prop up the markets, are these opposite probabilities? And does this long term trajectory eventually end with both happening when the market rejects this mechanism?
  5. If you have a significant amount of money you want to protect against societal insanity, we’re so you put it?
  6. Anarchy ignores the concept of government—a monopoly on the use of physical force. Whoever is an a position to weild physical force autonomously IS the governor. The “private physical force entity” in the anarchist thought experiment IS a government.
  7. I haven't used Parler much. Is it dominantly "Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists," as Wikipedia says? Do pro-liberty types find a home there?
  8. Are all the collectivist “isms”—socialism, communism, fascism—really just variants of feudalism applied to modern states? I don’t exactly understand how the feudal system of medieval Europe worked, especially in terms of what the unit of political sovereignty was, but my understanding is that there were multiple political entities within a given region that each claimed sovereignty, and these entities fought amongst themselves territory, but each operated as a de-facto communist state, with the lower castes of society being enslaved to the higher ones, who controlled the use of physical f
  9. I wear one when required, out of respect for the fact that a private business is required to enforce the mandate. I never decided on a consistent policy to use in situations where I have a choice. I go for walks in a public park and don't wear one, even though it's required as far as I know, because no one is around to enforce. I'm not interested in wearing one without having a good medical reason to believe they actually work. If this premise were somehow proven, and this was communicated through a source I respect, I would be more interested in wearing one, but right now I feel like this is
  10. I bought at about 0.19 and sold for a little less, no big loss. You flipped it successfully, but I was going to hold long. I'm betting it's down three months from now when there's been more selling by creditors and there is no news of progress toward Phase 2.
  11. In August, social media accounts appeared out of nowhere to promote the stock, and essentially spun the narrative that all that had to happen for the share price to return to its previous multi-dollar values was for the company to get out of bankruptcy. These voices neglected to mention that the share structure has been massively diluted in the year leading up to bankruptcy, and that the company failed because they were unable to raise investor funding for their Phase 2 clinical trial in three years from 2017-2020. Based on that misleading hype, the share price increased radically in August, a
  12. This is an embarrassment. It turned out to be a pump and dump. I got excited by the initial hype, solely because I knew of their product's medical legitimacy, but as the days went on I realized the narrative around the stock was totally irrational and got out. It's been an interesting episode to follow. I've been publicly predicting that the stock would crash for the three months, and it just did. I credit Objectivist epistemology for allowing me to spot he scam.
  13. I have a serious degenerative condition that I'm certain of due to the history and symptoms. However, for 15 years, it has remained in such an early stage that there is minimal definitive imaging evidence, and I've never had a firm diagnosis. Where I left off trying half a decade ago, I could not get a doctor in the healthcare system to document my condition. It already is disabling in that it cuts me off certain activities and vocations, and I've had to create a lifestyle that accommodates these limitations. I know it will eventually get worse. My current employer provides LTD insurance, but
  14. Suppose you know for sure as a result of your own self-diagnosis that you have a disease that will eventually lead to your becoming disabled, but due to lack of worthwhile treatment options in the standard healthcare system, you haven’t sought medical attention from these channels, and there is nothing in your medical records to prove it. Also say that doctors have such a hard time apprehending your condition that you would have a difficult time proving it if you tried. As a result of which, you could get an insurance company to sell you a long-term disability policy without lying on any quest
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