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  1. I have a serious degenerative condition that I'm certain of due to the history and symptoms. However, for 15 years, it has remained in such an early stage that there is minimal definitive imaging evidence, and I've never had a firm diagnosis. Where I left off trying half a decade ago, I could not get a doctor in the healthcare system to document my condition. It already is disabling in that it cuts me off certain activities and vocations, and I've had to create a lifestyle that accommodates these limitations. I know it will eventually get worse. My current employer provides LTD insurance, but
  2. Suppose you know for sure as a result of your own self-diagnosis that you have a disease that will eventually lead to your becoming disabled, but due to lack of worthwhile treatment options in the standard healthcare system, you haven’t sought medical attention from these channels, and there is nothing in your medical records to prove it. Also say that doctors have such a hard time apprehending your condition that you would have a difficult time proving it if you tried. As a result of which, you could get an insurance company to sell you a long-term disability policy without lying on any quest
  3. Since 2010, the FDA has withhold the stem cell treatment I need for my joint condition. In 2012, the doctors who invented the cell culturing technology sold it to a publicly traded company called Biorestorative Theraputics (BRTXQ), who intended to pursue FDA approval. The doctors continue to use the technique at a private clinic in the Cayman Islands, where I have been treated with it successfully. Biorestorative completed a Phase I trial with good results and was approved for a Phase 2 trial in 2017, but since then has been unable to raise the millions in funding needed to begin the tria
  4. The role of government in a pandemic is to resist the advances of power-lusters who want to use the pandemic to take over the government.
  5. This is a story on a guy who went around to small stores and cleaned the shelves of the supplies people are panic buying, and re-sold then online at much higher prices. Of course, he’s being castigated, including by some who claim to be fans of Rand. The supplies he bought would have quickly sold out anyway, and his business provided customers the opportunity to buy things they couldn’t get to the front of the line to get themselves. He did the work, and took the risk to buy all that stuff when there was no guarantee he could re sell it at high prices. The stores he bought from didn’t have a p
  6. Is it immoral to litter on public roads, assuming you don't leave anything that would endanger others or their pets? If the government wants to confiscate my property, why can't I treat public property like my own if it's more convenient for me to throw my coffee cup out the window than keep it in the car?
  7. The academic medical and biosciences community seems to overwhelmingly support the FDA system. The two groups—academics and bureaucrats—seem to have a very symbiotic relationship. What is it?
  8. I recall a part of Atlas Shrugged where Hank presses Dagny to tell him who her previous lover was. Why would he care if he was a strong, confident man?
  9. She actually isn't promiscuous; she said she had been celibate for over a year. She rejected me because I turned out to be the opposite of what she expected. She took my initial rejections as a sign of strength, and I turned out to be timid, needy, supplicating nice guy and have no idea how to handle myself with a woman.
  10. Having put a lot of thought into this issue over the last six months, I decided that I could never be “just friends” with this woman. Even though we aren’t a match romantically, I am only able to think of her in light of my attraction to her, and sex is always my end game. I would feel not only dishonest, but degraded being in a relationship with her in which there is one-way attraction which we are both aware of. When I was dating her, she was receiving attention from several other men at work, all of whom she rejected, but remained friendly with. I felt such pity for them; orbiting her, givi
  11. I only want blunt replies. For the record, I'm very keenly aware of everything I did wrong with her, I just hadn't dated in so long before this I had to learn these lessons the hard way.
  12. Well... Jaskn was right. I’ll take responsibility for the other stupid thread overlapping with this story and reiterate the details: January 2018 I started a new job, where a very attractive female member of the training staff took a liking to me and became flirtatious immediately. I did not reciprocate her advances, which in turn escalated to the point of being overtly sexual. Every time she would say something, I would just ignore her and act like it didn’t happen. In private I was always very superficially attracted to her, but kept it to myself because she was a co worker and I
  13. I’m in the Cayman Islands now, where I just had my second Regenexx-C procedure with culture-expanded stem cells. I saved for it for two years. We treated almost every joint in my body. The first procedure 20 months ago probably saved my life, and I’m stoked to get even more improvement from this one.
  14. I picked up this summary of "TRP" philosophy from reddit. I don't see much of anything that I disagree with. ________________________________ Unplugging from the Feminine Matrix can be nearly as painful as Neo emerging into a very different reality. It is often a very painful process to review your past relationship failures and develop an entirely new understanding of them. Many guys kick themselves over and over again, lamenting the lost years when they were trapped by a society stacked against them and a set of beliefs and ideologies that simply do not work. They were told to "Just
  15. A female co worker (who was formerly my trainer) five years my senior has been flirting with me on the job since day one. At first, I took it as joke and blew her off, but I’ve noticed she doesn't seem to do it with the other guys there, and lately she's been ramping it up...by doing stuff like rubbing my back, grabbing my leg, and slipping in a few overtly sexual comments. Though I feign disinterest, I secretly like it and am attracted to her even though I’m pretty sure she’s a different walk of life and not a long-term match for me. I’m aware of the adage “don’t shit where you eat,” but is i
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