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    My name is John Tate, I like programming and economics. I hope to develop my ideas into working product in my recently beginning adult life. I am planning to do a Bachelor of Business Studies. I also rather like writing about various things. I am new to objectivism and I rather like the philosophy. I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged, though slowly, my favorite subject to read about is computer science and economics. I live in the suburbs of Melbourne, soon to move to a more urban area.
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    I plan on studying at Swinbourne University
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  1. Best summary of modern philosophy to date.
  2. My interest in politics came from my interest in computers. I was always interested in computers, and eventually I became interested in the Open Source movement, moreso the philosophy of the free software foundation. I was awed and amazed by Richard Stallman's philosophy that all software must be open source to be moral. I don't agree with that now and can't even remember what made me think its right. However Stallman was certainly my first encounter with philosophy and absence of other views probably helped his grow inside my mind. Stallman's philosophy made me consider myself a socialist for quite some time. Last year I suffered a brain injury and had a spotted memory, and still do at times. I can't remember the cause of my old views now, and last year I started to get back into reading about philosophy, especially ethics, to come back to my old understanding. All I knew was that my views were not right, and I couldn't remember why I formed them in the first place because of the brain injury. There was an election in Australia last year and the biggest issue facing me was the nanny state (smoking bans to be exact). There is really only one party in Australia against the nanny state, The Libertarians, who called themselves the "Liberty and Democracy Party" at the election. I became a fan, and also was subscribed to various libertarian blogs. One of these blogs posted an article about Ayn Rand calling her a "Capitialist Hero," at the time I was still apprehensive towards the idea of capitalism being heroic at all (I was still of that silly "money is the root of all evil" mindset) however despite being apprehensive, I was also more than willing to keep an open mind considering my mind had been banged into a garbled mess by my car accident. So I decided to read Atlas Shrugged, and did. After reading I have become convinced Objectivism is the philosophy for me. It's interesting that Libertarians pointed me to Rand, because Rand has trashed any chance of me ever supporting libertarianism.
  3. Nope, Richard Stallman expresses that it MUST be shared for free and that it is immoral to do otherwise. His case for free software, unlike others, is based on morals and not simply practicality. Richard Stallman is pretty unpopular, the most common case made for open source is based on security mostly (Open Source is more likely to get fixed rather than exploited when a flaw is found, is essentially the argument there)
  4. I'd say thats why its better to learn on Linux: there are more mistakes to learn from. It depends on what you hope to gain from it, if making actual software is the primary purpose, Windows is clearly better. If understanding a computer system in its entirety is what you value then Linux is superior because you get more of a chance than ever to "look inside" the system.
  5. I never said I was particularly interested in this girl, just that she is interested in me and has plainly said it. I made a post about this and it was removed, by the looks, or maybe I didn't make it. I wanted to see what people think of this issue, and have. Simply though, it looks on the most part people protect kids from ... in this case. There are valid reasons to protect Children, educate them, do whatever. There are some pretty invalid ones that have become popular parenting, on the most part making sex come across as some kind of pain can be particularly damaging to a child later in life. This can stem indirectly or directly from religious teaching, and for some reason those who aren’t religious just hop on the bandwagon and do the same. I hope you can at least understand for someone like me who didn't have such an "innocent" childhood, it is incredibly hard to understand what value there is having one, having never had one. Innocent... of what? That very word just seems to imply that there is some guilt in sexuality, which is exactly what Rand seemed to be against. It is what reason should be against also. My arguments are not because I want to have sex with children. Simply I see a taboo taboo harming a lot more Children than it really helps. My argument essentially brands any "modern pedophile" worse, because by doing what they do, they make the initial act in making a child sexualized, in a world of Children that are not, and the effects are alienating for that child. If I was a pedophile, I’d have reason to stop from my own arguments and so they’re not really arguments to justify pedophilia whole-sale.
  6. I'm working on a novel where one of the characters speaks only in poetry, so it's full of massive monologues.
  7. This is a book by Oscar Wilde I read some time ago, I rather enjoyed it. It is probably one of the more interesting books I have read, I particularly enjoy the witty dialogue and the general style of the prose. I certainly couldn't classify any of the characters as heroic, however the plot is intriguing. I'd suggest it to the sorts of people who like things that are "weird for the sake of weird," or just something plainly funny. The plot however is a bit tragic, the ending makes it a bit better with the service of some justice to the protagonist, Dorian Grey, I won't go into details or I'll spoil it! The book has some classic jokes in it, said by Lord Henry. I'm sure it can make anyone laugh!
  8. I've been using Linux for eight years. Probably the best platform to learn programming on, easily the worst platform to use if you actually like third party proprietary software. Because of all the distributions, you have forks of gnome, forks of gcc, forks of the kernel in the form of patches, and third party application developers have a constantly moving target to distribute to, thus they won't and will never bother unless this division changes. I'm also sure I can prove a lot of it pretty immoral if I dug up all the subsidies given to various Linux projects, hell look at OpenBSD and their NSA grants. Free software my ass.
  9. http://downloads.sourceforge.net/codeblock...ntu1.deb.tar.gz That package should be what you want to install.
  10. Used to be INTP now its INTJ, INTP came up yeaaars ago. I can't remember but the difference could be that back then I wasn't very outgoing.
  11. I wouldn't be sure what to highlight, but is it just my bad luck or is it absolutely common to run into people this stupid?
  12. She has had sex before, and is interested in having it with me, something she verbalized.
  13. From these pieces of forsaken thought we ignore – send a flying fucking retort. It hits the other poor sort whom, sends it flying back, and all the while an onslaught - a thriving battle of words and discord. Those words will echo unlike echoes, but grow louder as each note of discord is thrown forth, the volume of which is viral of sorts, we know - for the friends of ones foes, their volume grows until the chamber for symphony is a yard of moans. Sides form for both like magnets so opposed, yet they share the same value – woes, the terrible chamber is fights, explodes, when close. It would take quite a smelter to get the magnet opposed. Back to themselves like when iron turns red and glows. Yet some such a symphony is praised on the sides. Such sweet melodies which this violence could subside - it was no music, but a matter of the same stride of which all of this violence and madness would subside. No chamber of brass, strings, and piano – no! Just an admission from the one with the power, who began this awful dissonance from his ivory tower. That it was time to change it all, an hour at a time. Because he saw on the light of the world a dark shrine, and off he went to make that shrine become light and divine. So off went the unreason, without the smelter, nothing had to burn, and all was within shelter. For one man alone, put letter to word to help us. Now there is peace, agreement and God's earth returned. So there is spoils of unity, consent, unreason no longer a concern. This is one of my newer poems, which there are few of and only get written when I am in a psychiatric hospital
  14. I am good friends with a thirteen year old girl, usually parents wouldn't permit such friendships (because I'm 20) but since we play music together they make an allowance. This girl is most certainly interested in me, and I knock her back on basis of the law. She is consenting, knows what the consequences are, this still cannot be enough. Along with this, we both value each other clearly. What can I do? Either hurt this girl and myself, or risk jail hurting this girl and myself. Great choice the law has offered us both!
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