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  1. Someone tell me how one Senator bribes a second Senator with taxpayer money to vote for a bill that is going to cause all sorts of chaos? Does anyone not see the problem with this? What now stops other senators from bribing other senators with huge payouts of taxpayer money? I'm sure this is not the first time this has happened, but probably never on this scale. A hundred million here, a hundred million there...and pretty soon we're talking serious money.
  2. There was a tea-party like protest in downtown Chicago, and the protesters were chanting, "Atlas has shrugged!" hmmmm...
  3. I never thought I would see the day where Objectivists would defend a fundamentalist christian who managed to push through a major increase in the oil-profits tax to fund new, worthless government projects and to redistribute the remainder to the people of Alaska. And one who not only talks like a scratched sean hannity cd, but who has about the same level of education and executive experience. I wonder how low expectations will go next time around? Who cares about raw, studied talent when all that matters is popularity? I don't like Mitt Romney, but had McCain picked him, it would hav
  4. I'll try to get there this weekend. I'm just across the street on 17th and Locust. I may hunt down my trusty Rearden Steel t-shirt for easy I.D. (I've been stopped several times in the city while wearing shirt, always positive comments about her work.) I take it we'll be on the third floor? Or...
  5. I just voted Bob Barr. McBama is not an option.
  6. Not sure why this is such a big deal. The Bush administration did not disclose to Powell that the information they gave him nonsense when he went in front of the UN. His lifelong career serving this country was marred as a result. Plus, I think he gave some pretty strong reasons otherwise. I think the BIGGER endorsement comes from Senator Lugar (R-IN) (at least on foreign policy) and Ken Adelman. ANyone miss those? I'm not sure why these aren't worthy of discussion. And this goes without listing the several republican state congressmen/women who have come out and said Obama is clearly a
  7. This is an old story from 2005. The real travesty was that the prosecutors tried to tack him with 'attempted terroristic threatenings", which they later dropped. I recall the kid was given probation for a charge that didn't even exist (and who, apparently, later violated the probation). What a twisted mess. Note to self: throw away my copy of Red Dawn.
  8. To imply that McCain wont himself 'spread the wealth' because he simply does not state as such, does not mean he won't do so. The difference between McCain and Obama here is that, at least Obama is clear about what he likes (althought I think it is more appropriate to quote him fully, as opposed to that single line...for the sake of context and objectivity), while McCain thinks he is a conservative maverick who proposes much of the same. Curiously, Obama appears to want to stop spending taxpayer dollars on a country that so far appears resistant to the ideals of freedom of liberty, and foc
  9. It's easy to have knee-jerk reactions and simply blame everything on liberals. It really is. And, you know, on occassion, you're right. But the 4chan crowd is a bit to the right of center, and they often preach anarchy. They are quite anti-regulation. Seething hatred? Really? I hear Hannity say that all the time. Probably because to them, the 'karma' of wiretapping Americans seems abhorent? Honestly, this is just the beginning to the hackers. While I agree that it is an invasion of privacy, it would be interesting to find how much dirt is found through piercing the veil of
  10. if it wasn't for the link posted, I would swear that is something McCain would have said. Apparently he didn't get to pay taxes as a POW, and every person should be thankful they have the right could assuredly conclude that statement if he did.
  11. Can someone tell me why Obama's 35% tax versus John McCain's 35% tax makes them so distinctively different?
  12. You speak in principle and I agree. But, the fact is, China is attracting large multi-national corporations because of the benefits they afford to businesses. In theory, no corporation should be attracted to a communist environment. Yet, here they do. The Chinese work for these businesses for cheaper, increasing corporate profits over time, and the corporations have a hand in the direction the infrastucture is headed furthering the corporate direction. To quote Kevin quoting Rush quoting Obama, "Then corporations see that and decide to move there... [blah blah blah]". And slave labor y
  13. Spot on. I would add that in addition to the customized infrastructure they have a hand in organizing, also consider that the labor prices are well below what they are here in the United States. I read a report the other day discussing how finance jobs many of the Ivy League MBA'ers have are being outsourced down to India for a fraction of the cost. Same, I think, will occur with BIGLaw. One question I would like to know is, does China have a minimum wage?
  14. Again, the point is missed. Even if she did call him a "big doody-head", it is immaterial to her arguments. Are you suggesting that if she did have an unkind word, whatever comes after it must be dismissed as revulsive?
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