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Wesley Snipes sentenced to 3 years in prison

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When a federal agency like the EPA promulgates regulations, do these always come under the authority granted that agency by some overarching law?
No, but they are supposed to. If an agency has statutory authority to regulate shoes and they publish regulations governing the sale of lumber, they have overstepped their authority, and the regulation can be struck down in court. And that does happen (probably not enough).

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Adding insult to injury, now the government is attempting to make Snipes pay for his own prosecution.

Prosecutors who convicted actor Wesley Snipes on charges of failing to file his tax return for three years have filed a cross-appeal demanding that he pay $257,687.74 for the cost of prosecuting him......

Assistant U.S. Attorney M. Scotland Morris submitted a bill of costs to Judge Gary R. Jones of the U.S. District Court in Ocala, Fla., saying Snipes should pay $193,716.98 for the scanning, printing and numbering of documents; $61,326.18 in witness-related fees, $2,456.40 in fees for daily trial transcripts and other costs, and $188.18 in fees for copying and certification of trial exhibits.


This is just sick. No man should have to pay for his own prosecution. To me that is just as bad as making a man incriminate himself.

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Witholding was actually started in the U.S. because no one was paying their income taxes . . . I'd bet a lot of people weren't even *aware* that they were *supposed* to pay income taxes. We've only *had* income tax for, what, less than a hundred years? And even at the beginning less than 1% of the population had to pay any income tax *at all*.

We already have a system in which people have to pay a lump sum once or twice a year. It's called property taxes, and if you think people in my town would raise a stink over having to write two checks per year for $7500 each, you're in for a surprise. So even if it was income taxes, payable in full on April 15, the majority would consider it a 'moral duty' to pay them, just as they do with local property taxes.

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