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Three gilded balls

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I find myself taking some solace in this.

Answering the question about the three-gilded balls asked elsewhere on this forum, I found myself drawn to the paragraphs surrounding “A leash is only a rope with a noose at both ends.”

Putting this in perspective with “guilt is a rope that wears thin,” the solace comes from a rather unexpected source: Joseph Campbell, in his documentary done with Bill Moyers where he states “And when you approach a modern city, it's office buildings and dwellings that are the tallest things in the place.’

To extrapolate from this, it is not only the center of economic life; it is also the center of life that makes the economics possible.

Newsprint, radio, television, all have the same 20th century ‘Gutenberg’ deemed as ‘the internet’ to deal with. To be sure, many newspapers supplement their daily editions with internet excerpts. Searching the internet for stories yields plenty of drab gray supplemental excerpts toting the same “thin blue line” approach.

The modern “underground railroad” consists of multiple tracks leading off in various directions.

Lew Rockwell, World Net Daily, The Drudge Report, Real Clear …, present points of view from an Anarchical, Religious, Right Wing, Mixed Premise, point of view.

In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the “Pillars of Hercules” was Canada. In today’s vernacular, the Gate of Hercules is a nearly forgotten reference to the modern day reference of a bridge-way to the City of Atlantis.

Lest the way to the ‘Promised Land’ be lost, it is imperative that sight be retained on the Rosetta Stone—not of language per se—but of thought.

Use this thought to guide yourself in the selections of such information provided by the likes of Gus Van Horn, ARI, The Objective Standard, etc, toward lighthouses dotting the sea course at bay.

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