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The Inner Sanctum

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Poking around in the dustbins of radio broadcasts, this was a radio show that initially aired in 1941. For a very few here old enough to remember the show, this may coax a smile from you.

The Inner Sanctum was a horror anthology that first aired on NBC in 1941, and later, on CBS. Hosted by Raymond Johnson, the show featured stories of horror, thriller, and mystery. Unlike other horror series during that time, the show had this tongue-in-cheek style which were adapted by other radio programs such as Quiet Please and The Mysterious Traveller. Johnson was later replaced by Paul McGrath, at the same year in which Lipton Tea became the show’s primary sponsor.

During its decade-long run, the show was able to produce a total of 526 episodes. The most popular ones were “Terror by Night,” aired on September 18, 1945, and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” aired on August 3, 1941 which featured Boris Karloff.

The Tell-Tale Heart was a pleasant listen. Enjoy.

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