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I have an essay I wrote on my take on originality, for a local zine. It's not too great, because I wrote it awhile ago. Now I'm giving you guys the choice.

You can read, and probably have a good laugh at my amateur works. I thought it was o.k. for the age I wrote it at.

Or you can tell me no thanks and I'll delete this post. Up to you guys; I don't want to fill the site with boring stuff unless you want to read it ;)

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I'm back. I just got a new job, which is the reason for the hiatus.

I wrote Originality at a weird time in my life. I read back and find it funny because I was/maybe still am an angsty teen.

Maybe it will bring back memories.

I will post it as soon as my computer decides to be nice and let me get to my own site.

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