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Galt's Speech

Atlas Shrugged Spoiler Alert

Downloaded in May of 2017, this talk, as well as a conversation on Facebook by an individual that had set a personal goal to memorize Galt's Speech, this sub-forum is set forth to tease out how the Galt's Speech is related back to the rest of the novel.

A Study of Galt's Speech (MP3 download)
By Onkar Ghate

"This is John Galt speaking"

Thus begins Ayn Rand's explanation of her revolutionary philosophy, Objectivism—perfectly integrated into the plot of her greatest novel.

This lecture course studies Galt's speech and integrates it with the rest of the story. Dr. Ghate offers an illuminating breakdown of its component parts and shows why each is essential to the novel. He considers how its abstract philosophical points explain events in the story. Finally, since "Galt's Speech" is Ayn Rand's most carefully crafted statement of Objectivism, Dr. Ghate examines her precise formulations on such questions as: why altruism is the morality of death; and why evasion is the root of evil.

(MP3 download; 6 hrs., 3 min., with Q & A, 261.66 MB)


Per the reference of "The New Intellectual" as the source of the text of Galt's Speech, there are 296 paragraphs. The question on each paragraph of Galt's Speech is, which portion(s) of Atlas Shrugged best illustrate the noted paragraph from Galt's Speech?

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