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Atlas Shrugged: Spoiler Alert — (001) Ladies and gentlemen, said a voice



"Ladies and gentlemen," said a voice that came from the radio receiver—a man's clear, calm, implacable voice, the kind of voice that had not been heard on the airwaves for years—"Mr. Thompson will not speak to you tonight. His time is up. I have taken it over. You were to hear a report on the world crisis. That is what you are going to hear ....
(Which portion(s) of Atlas Shrugged best illustrate this paragraph from Galt's Speech?)(Referenced source.)
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Mr Thompson was introduced in Atlas Shrugged in Part Two/Chapter VI, appropriately at an unofficial conference on the national crisis.

In Part Three/Chapter VII, the advertisement of Mr. Thompson report on the world crisis set the stage for John Galt's report on the world crisis in it's stead.


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