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  1. Xall


    I actually made a similar inquiry some time ago here and the answers I got were more than satisfactory (see 2046's reply for an answer regarding "encirclement")
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  2. General note: if I recall correctly, ctrl y is a fellow who used to be an Objectivist and now considers himself Christian. The only reason I mention this is because some people seem to think he is not familiar with Oist principles and I believe it is the case that he is very familiar with them and disagrees anyway. I don't know if this affects how people choose to engage in this argument, but it might.
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  3. I'm not understanding why it is that Objectivists "just have to respond" to every argument ever put out for theism, or it becomes a "problem for Objectivism." Is it a problem for you that you haven't responded to every arbitrary assertion I can make up? Why would this be a problem for anyone? What does that mean? If I don't respond to every argument ever put out or formulated by every theist, and every variation on every theme, ever, does that make theism more true in your mind? Does that lend extra veracity to it? Make it more plausible? Does that make you feel better about its truth in some
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  4. Tom Robinson

    Objectivist Art?

    Except that it is not raw. Nothing in nature looks like what the artist recorded on his canvas. The images have been selected and processed in accordance with the sentiment Picasso wished to express.
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