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  1. From my Facebook inspirations: Aristotle, Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Ramanujan, Ayn Rand, Richard Feynman, Mike Mentzer (yes, I know he hasn't had a deep understanding of Objectivist epistemology, but I really tend to like the concept of a greatly educated bodybuilder; this combination of mind and body clearly does remind me of Radian heroes), Steve Jobs. All these were innovative geniuses, and---to different extents and in different ways---had an impressive biography and held generally positive premises.
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  2. i think EC may just be our John Galt
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  3. aaa

    demi-gods of THIS world

    yeah that's what i was thinking too; especially that the really famous people of this world are jokes i.e. bill gates/ect. and the people who are the REAL movers of the world are people who others do everything in their power to steal from and thus can never rise or realize their fame/fortune.
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  4. softwareNerd

    Global Warming

    I'm amazed that you think warming cannot be good on balance. In actual fact, one cannot weigh one person's value against another's disvalue, and therefore the quote you provided was exactly spot on when it said "some areas will win and some will lose". This much ought to be obvious with just a little thought. As for the net effect, there's no good reason to prefer warming over cooling.
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