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  1. Holy shit, you randomly insulted me based on false premises, and attempted to do it in a cowardly thinly-veiled way that wasn't likely to attract the attention of the "be kind to each other" type mods. If you are going to insult someone be a man, and be direct about it while accepting the consequences if they happen. Personally, I think you are an intellectual fraud who attempts to use sophisticated prose to hide a weak mind. A true intellectual doesn't give a fuck how he's perceived by others.
  2. I am stable. wtf? Relative to last ~100 years of presidents they were the best. That doesn't imply that I think they were "good" in absolute terms from a capitalist perspective. As for why Trump should be in that same grouping it's mostly due to economic things such like lowering taxes, reducing regulation, etc. He also actively attacks the Left and the leftist media, which few actually have the balls to do, calling them out on their bullshit. America as a whole is increasingly trending to the far left and the main cause is the media speaking in lockstep from a leftist perspective, and the unthinking majority not even realizing the possibility that they are nearly always wrong. There has to be a way to limit the leftist media from this decades long crusade to brainwash the populace (that has mostly succeeded) without violating the First Amendment.
  3. Yeah, I hate conservatives which is why I'm a Capitalist. The point wasn't *who's* presenting facts, but that what the Leftist media presents is mostly biased opinions and lies. Also Trump at his worst is infinitely better than any of the Democrats at their best. At least he's not an explicitly evil man, even if some of his opinions, positions, and actions are sometimes evil like trade wars, anti-immigration, religion, etc. Again, I'm *not* a Trump supporter nor did I, or will I, vote for the man. I'm saying he is the least evil compared to anyone on the Left. I'll add since you fired a semi-closeted shot at me that I have a 165 IQ, am an INTP, along with obviously being an Objectivist. I can use reason better 99.99999999 percent of everyone that has ever existed including also obviously, yourself. I'm also extremely proud to be a dick to people like yourself who deserve it. GFY.
  4. You've been watching and reading to many Leftist news programs and articles if you think most of this is true. Which is not hard because it's the vast majority of sources available. Hint: Block the site when they make unreasonable accusations about Trump until you are only left with news that is neutral. I'm not Pro-Trump as I think in many ways he's an idiot and some of his positions and actions are immoral, but it's still a fact that he has been far and away the best president since Reagan, George W Bush being a distant second.
  5. Yeah, but is it really 10x more deadly than the flu? I highly suspect that it won't be when all the number come in. I think they will be similar long term, but still allowing that Covid is worse in the short term while there is no vaccine or natural immunity (yet). So I'm not contradicting myself, although I could be wrong about the assumption.
  6. Metaphysically is meant to equal in reality in that quote. Do I actually have to spell out everything exactly and in complete detail in every post to be understood? It's why I rarely post here even though I agree with 95%+ of what most posters are saying.
  7. Besides this being a rather sudden onslaught from a completely new disease, why is this supposedly so metaphysically worse when many diseases cause deaths at about the same order of magnitude, such as the flu?
  8. No, I agree. I was just using "socialized medicine" as a catch-all for all these causes and ways of thinking since it's the most perceptual end result of them.
  9. The flu doesn't cause a spike that can overwhelm health care systems like Covid-19 does due to it being novel with no immunity or vaccine's for it. The actual problem is worldwide socialized medicine that can't/couldn't properly prepare or real-time pivot during such a sudden and novel disease outbreak.
  10. I've strongly considered this to likely be a cause, but it just seems extremely wasteful to be dumping the milk down the drain while it's one of the items that's often out-of-stock at grocery stores right now. There has to be better idea's to try to increase distribution capabilities. I agree with Eiuol that I'd rather give out something I produce for free (for a limited time in an emergency) rather than seeing it completely wasted to fulfill a contract obligation that might not be valid right now, and to artificially boost it's price.
  11. This might not be the thread for this, but I read this story today and it immediately reminded me of the grain going bad as people starved in AS. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/04/03/coronavirus-forces-dairy-farmers-dump-milk-wisconsin-covid-19/2939959001/
  12. I thought about this exception to what I said a little later and completely agree with it. A reasonable suspicion without absolute knowledge of infection would/could lead to culpability.
  13. This has to be wrong. A person walking by me in a crowd, infected with a potentially deadly virus (or alien!), while having no symptoms or any clue that he's infected, is NOT an "initiator of force". That requires, at a minimum, knowledge of one's infection.
  14. This is identical to a virus infection in principle (you acknowledged that already). It doesn't matter where a microscopic threat originates given that it is non-sentient with regards to quarantines, social distancing, government response, etc. It would matter to the medical community, and science and scientists tasked to fight an alien pathogen though of course. What point are you trying to make given that the two situations are nearly identical except for how science fights the terrestrial or alien pathogen?
  15. I'm surprised this is the main topic being discussed on this site right now. Thank you to the posters who posted the videos in the thread.
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