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  1. This isn't necessarily true as a counter-example of poker tourneys immediately came to mind. If bad players couldn't go on heater's in these and win it all these would quickly dry up and nearly cease to exist. Game theory-wise short-term variance only converges to actual EV as the sample-size gets large. I fully agree that no "conflicts of interest" can exist between rational men, so this isn't meant to be an argument against that in any way. I'm just stating why I think this is a poor example in support of that statement.
  2. Did Biden use the media or did the media use Biden? Why is it okay for the Leftist media to install a puppet/dictator? The man's first plan is to rejoin The Paris Accord. How can any true Objectivist support this? I don't believe the majority of people here or in ARI are actual Objectivists anymore after the support of a left-wing extremist candidate.
  3. So, to be explicit, you believe Trump is attempting a coup. I actually wish this were true to keep Biden and the evil Left out of power, but the truth is Trump doesn't have the balls to actually do this. Therefore it, sadly, won't happen.
  4. I don't understand why you guys dump on Trump for not being a perfect defender of individual rights but hand-wave dismiss the Democrats and Biden's complete dismissal of individual rights as essentially as "Democrats being Democrats". The majority of their ideas and policies are completely evil, while only a smaller portion of Trump's policies are explicitly evil. That's why I voted for him and semi-support him over Biden.
  5. Wasn't that quote not actually about objectivity, but instead about intrincism?
  6. Yeah, they seem to be actively promoting the false premise that Biden has "won" based simply off of evil Leftist media propaganda now; while in actual reality, this is still an ongoing and contested race that is (and should stay) unconceded.
  7. I think the statistical guys that have found superusers and bots in online poker in the past could handle this type of data modeling. I'll bring it up on twoplustwo, I think, if they aren't already looking into it.
  8. This is actually interesting. I'd like to see what sigma this comes out to. I'm surprised Fox News isn't all over this yet.
  9. I found the real Q, he also happens to be a god 😉
  10. I've been following this thread out of boredom for the most part, but how is this not explicit racism from Jon here? I know you guys are interacting with him and let this slip for whatever reason but this is disgusting. We all hate commies here on this site but this supposedly "humorous" mocking of the speech of Chinese people should not be allowed anymore than if he used faux-Ebonics in a fake quote from Obama. This is just my active (not the "open minded" bs he's claiming we should be) minded opinion though. Jon, yeah, some conspiracies are actually true like the existence of UFO's have been proven over the last few years (not claiming they are necessarily alien), but if you are going to try to push a conspiracy theory on rational people you need to bring irrefutable evidence. And this is coming from a guy who got momentarily sucked down the Jade Helm rabbit hole for a few months five years ago. I rarely post because I find it annoying to argue with strangers on the internet these days, so I'm not really looking for a discussion on this: just saying my piece.
  11. Is it crazy (a conspiracy, lol) that I've wondered if the new random posters, like Jon, are doing something just like this on this very forum? I've really considered basically this exact idea every time they pop up out of no where and post.
  12. Nonsense. There is zero reason say that only an arrangement of matter that we call "living" can produce intelligence, and that a different arrangement of matter that we call "non-living" can not when explicitly designed for that purpose. In fact, making that claim amounts to invoking a form of implicit superstition with regard to the existence of intelligence. The fact that both life and intelligence are more than the sum of their parts doesn't imply that the latter can not exist without the former. While life is the natural producer of intelligence, it doesn't mean that it's the only producer possible. Better simulations of what we call intelligence are a function of technological advancement, and eventually there is no difference between a perfect "simulation" and reality. The second paragraph also hints at my opinion of "living in a matrix" instead of the "real" world. They are one and the same thing if the "simulation" is perfect, so it doesn't matter in which one exists.
  13. The weighting of various factors in making a decision is where the appearance of conflict comes into play. For instance, weighting the fight against allowing the nation to slip into nearly explicit socialism as being more fundamental when choosing to vote for Trump versus weighting a woman's right to choose or gay equality when choosing to vote for Biden.
  14. You're being a dick. I personally have two felonies on my record. One was for non-payment of child support, and the other was for "fleeing-and-eluding" which was really just driving off while drunk 15 years ago (last time I've ever did that). I'm not some type of criminal "scum" like you claimed when you attacked a whole class of people (those with prior felonies) several times in this thread. You need to understand that we live in a nation riddled with non-objective laws and that many, many people that have a felony or two on their records often should not and would not under a truly capitalist society.
  15. I'm envisioning only a slight role for relatively minor things for a leader whether human, AI, or other type of rational entity in fully capitalist society, and obviously not some type of controlling dictator.
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