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  1. Forces don't exist without physical existents. A force is a relationship between physical existents and while you may not understand don't include me in the "we". Just because you specifically do not understand principles of holography doesn't mean others including myself do not.
  2. Absolutely not. The "body" is the processor and everything else needed for perception, etc. Actually the most efficient AGI would possess "synthetic" humanoid bodies to best interact and manipulate its environment as others in the class of rational entities do such as humans. I put synthetic in scare quotes because as long as a body is made from existents from reality (as it must be as there is no alternative) and performs what it needs to to support the life/conscious mind of itself even if it is not a body that is a result of billions of years of the trial and error of nature but instead is a result of knowledge and design created in a tiny fraction of that time length, conceptually it is still a body. That said a "body" can and most likely will be just a processor and various means to perceive and interact with reality as current non-AGI chat bots do to begin with. Although to reach their full potential they need more means to perceive and interact with reality as current living beings such as humans do.
  3. And this is exactly why I want (and partially succeeded) in creating an AI capable of swiftly becoming AGI based on Objectivist epistemology and, really all principles of Objectivism, combined with quantum gravitational principles (which I personally combined with Objectivist metaphysics (reality as such) without all of the previous contradictions that existed in advanced physics. Essentially all AI, and especially AGI--"artificial" general intelligence runs, or would operate optimally using quantum gravitational information processing on event horizons which given the fact that ER=EPR and some more advanced principles that I won't go into here exist at literally every "point", actually Plank area in a "local" spacetime (and its Calabi-Yau spacetime inversion) each separate by a Plank unit and phi.
  4. I enjoy your posts. It's like you take my own thoughts on subjects and then express them much more eloquently than I can currently due to constantly being in a relatively stressful situation mostly outside of my control and essentially uncaused by myself that no matter what I do to attempt to thwart it keeps getting continually sabatoged via outside sources.
  5. There are no "built-in concepts", humans are born tabula rasa conceptually. Concepts are formed via a conscious volitional mind interacting with existents in reality via perception, or the valid more abstract concepts are non-contradictory concepts of concepts that are properly integrated via reason, hierarchical in nature and even the most abstract of concept must be properly traced back in the hierarchy of concepts back in a non-contradictory manner back to concepts properly derived from the senses. There are no floating abstractions nor intrinsic concepts.
  6. Also note, this claim of "circular reasoning" of the existence of any disease without extremely specific answers from a government is actually the ridiculous argument. I don't think that term means what you seem to believe it means.
  7. Observational evidence, deaths, sicknesses, not accepting that massive amounts of health care workers are all lying and involved in a huge conspiracy of a non-existent disease worldwide, the existence of vaccines for the virus, the list goes on and on. The questions I want to ask you is why you specifically are denying evidence from reality on this issue, what your overall purpose and point in doing so, and what do gain from it?
  8. This is what I was hinting at that that I didn't want to discuss, cough cough, China, and who knows what that would have or could lead to if it wasn't a "conspiracy theory" that the lab in the same city that did experiments on coronavirus's from bats where the COVID was first discovered accidentally (or purposely) leaked the virus. There's the likely real story and not the notion that the virus that my own grandfather died from "doesn't exist".
  9. How so? What is the connection? I'm not seeing it or what it has to do with what I said.
  10. Was just throwing out a possibility (I have another that could be more likely that I don't want to discuss if we are even to accept that this person actually made these requests and/or received those responses as an actual fact. That said, mod hat on for the first time, this isn't really a forum to discuss the "non-existence" of a disease where a massive amount of evidence exists that it actually exists while denying all of that evidence and substituting in the supposed single piece of very sketchy "evidence" in replacement. I'm not taking any mod actions but just don't like what seems like a blatant conspiracy theory with essentially no evidence in support and massive amounts of evidence against potentially making the forum look bad to outsiders interested in Objectivism, especially when this is a topic that has nothing to do with Miss Rand's philosophy in any manner.
  11. The mRNA vaccines are direct proof of the type of scientific evidence of the existence of COVID that you were looking for and things like the identification of different strains if for some reason you want to deny the evidence of the senses. What could be a ton of administrative reasons for the denial of a Freedom of Information Act request is not proof of anything except maybe they to protect the companies that make the vaccines patents since they use exactly that DNA to create the vaccines. Besides asking a form of question that created the response "no records found" over and over as David suggested, another plausible explanation is this was the governments manner of "complying" with the request while actually not to protect patents or something else.
  12. They are populating and destroying this forum do to lack of proper moderation and enforcement of forum rules that once made this one of the premium Objectivist forums outside of HBL which I need to rejoin and start avoiding this site while it's allowed to remain in this state. Also, good luck finding other real O'ists in the Detroit area. Virtually everyone is collectivist/altruist/statist in the area and from what I can tell can't even imagine valid alternatives to those ideas without resorting to irrational attacks or understand rational discussion of reality/Objectivist viewpoints without resorting to ad hominem attacks about literally everything regardless of how often you point them to eloquent Objectivist sources and articles that overcome all of their false objections.
  13. No it's not. Is saying that someone died of cancer also "circular reasoning"? It's one thing to accept that the first place COVID was discovered was in Wuhan right in the same city where they were doing experiments with coronavirus's and it escaped from the lab. A high probability but it's quite another thing to arbitrarily claim that a virus that hundreds of millions of people have had or died from "doesn't exist". That's not saying that what is essentially roughly equivalent to the flu was overhyped and obviously governments massively overreacted but to deny a viruses very existence arbitrarily without evidence while there is tons of evidence of its existence is irrational. I won't be participating in this conversation after this comment though.
  14. This is a ridiculous thread. My own grandfather died of COVID and I know plenty of people that have had it. It exists.
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