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  1. The problem is simple. Every individual has the same individual rights as everyone else and should simply be treated that way. Why would it ever even pop up what someone's sexuality is, especially in regard to law? It's as irrelevant as the color of someone's skin, the day they were born (assuming they are an adult), the color of their hair, whether they are some sort of religious mystic or someone that sticks to reality itself instead, the list goes on and on outside of some sort of extremely specific context where it specifically applies. And if there are issues with "wording" of any law there should be a requirement for lawmakers to provide objectively correct and properly in context definitions for any non-standard use of concepts.
  2. What is there to laugh about tad? I stated the exact truth in every detail.
  3. No, I was talking about Boydstun, who has his own philosophy that rejects rational egoism. And you've seen him randomly smear me in the past. Just don't trust when he randomly posts just weird links as a result. You have to be careful what you click on these days especially with someone that appears untrustworthy.
  4. Be careful of clicking on any of this guy's links. He's shown anti-Objectivist views and smears people like myself for no reason with things he pulls from thin air.
  5. Which is a restatement of the principle that in value for value trade done under proper principles everyone gains and nobody loses.
  6. Different context but an example of double standards that make no sense. https://www.capitalismmagazine.com/2024/06/the-lockdown-caste-system/
  7. I'll go a step further and assert that this was all preplanned from before the day Israel was attacked. Their evil underground global networks likely planned this evil reaction to the evil members of society worldwide. The trolls and likely members that support evil and likely would have supported Hitler due to their evil ideas and ideology will likely come in with their trolling laughing emoji "reactions" and evil nonsense in response as they are doing on my phone right now as I type this (and as criminal scum revs his engine like the evil idiot he is just now too), but this is fact of reality that they all want to deny and hide while they engage in their worldwide campaign of evil nihilistic destruction of civilization.
  8. Government taxation is theft and theft is a moral issue and is evil. Governments can only obtain funds via voluntary donation or fees for specific services.
  9. He's an anarchist even if some of his ideas are okay. But still an anti-capitalist with no principles like the vast majority of "libertarians" who are as much our enemies as members of the false Left/Right dichotomy in all its evil collectivist/statist/altruist forms.
  10. Was just afraid this was leading down an anti-immigration road but as general interest in her full life there is definitely value.
  11. Why is this of any importance whatsoever? Is how every individual became a citizen in nearly 250 years of a nation and the colonial period before that (from the best of my knowledge my family on both sides lived here since that period, not counting the Native American DNA from both sides even) matter at all as long as it isn't mass groups of individuals immigrating here illegally? What is the purpose of knowing how someone exactly became a citizen nearly 100 years ago? It serves no purpose whatsoever and is completely irrelevant for any reason.
  12. It's not "human nature" which would imply determinism, but evasion l, false morality, and false principles, values, and nihilism, i.e, evil (that which destoys the life of rational entities such as Man in this case that causes this type of extremely evil response. No, true Objectivist would ever take such a position FWIW, and if they did you would have philosophical detection of their true philosophy or errors.
  13. No there's not, consciousness is an emergent property of quantum computational processing of perceptual data via a complex chemical and quantum entanglement process that I have linked to sources of exactly how the process works on this very forum years ago but like every fact of importance gets buried by the mostly irrelevant over time but extremely quickly lately if one notices the activity of a quiet forum before I post and then after.
  14. I know every argument and they all can simply be dismissed out of hand because they are a combination of false, evil, and/or arbitrary. Arguing, or discussing them simply lend undue credence to these extremely old ideas that have been refuted by rational ideas, principles, and facts of reality countless times over the past two centuries. The only appropriate answer is to show the them the refutations and correct answers and not waste one's time past that nor attempt to "reword" perfectly understandable sources pointlessly for the "benefit" of people incapable of reading, listening, understanding, and integrating because they have chosen to evade reality and the responsibility of rational thinking.
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