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  1. I'm envisioning only a slight role for relatively minor things for a leader whether human, AI, or other type of rational entity in fully capitalist society, and obviously not some type of controlling dictator.
  2. She always appears to be in some stage of dementia to me; I can't comprehend why she has such power or why she's followed by anyone.
  3. Was going to make this exact comment (roughly) because this is happening a lot lately. It's like appeal to authority by those too incompetent (the vast majority of politicians) to accurately judge the validity of the authority's ("science") competence while using it as an unquestionable "virtue test".
  4. General AI is an entity with at least the level of human consciousness and rationality potential, but most likely much vaster because of it's inherent processing speed. It's not just programmed "software" any more than our own minds are. Please note, that the specific general AI that I'm speaking of would be initially trained using Objectivism and Objectivist principles, thus making it, at least initially, a completely perfect moral being. It possessing volition means that could possibly change as time goes on, but I doubt it. It's this perfect moral being with a superior and vastly quick
  5. This is why I think the perfect leader will be a general AI that we create to initially be a Capitalist who uses reason and it's immense speed in processing it's thoughts to "rule" us benevolently. I know it sounds "crazy" now, but will we the best option as our civilization graduates from it's present "infant" stage into a fully integrated technological society.
  6. Isn't it a good think if Trump finally kills off the cancer of "Conservatism" with his reelection? Forced to rebuild the Republican party after his second-term catastrophe, maybe we Capitalists will finally be able to gain influence, and inspire the party to be truer to a party that exists to protect individual rights.
  7. I think Boydstun's "paisley" example evokes aesthetics which complicates the argument a bit. I can think of a simpler, non-aesthetic statement that doesn't seem to be loaded with a moral demarcation as follows: I hate the taste of carrots. That statement is somewhat a "choice", but also, seems to be determined by a preference that is a hard to define besides the fact that I simply highly dislike the taste of carrots. It's hard to find any moral connotation in my dislike of the taste of a certain vegetable.
  8. This is all beautiful, and quite literally brought a tear to my eye.
  9. Holy shit, you randomly insulted me based on false premises, and attempted to do it in a cowardly thinly-veiled way that wasn't likely to attract the attention of the "be kind to each other" type mods. If you are going to insult someone be a man, and be direct about it while accepting the consequences if they happen. Personally, I think you are an intellectual fraud who attempts to use sophisticated prose to hide a weak mind. A true intellectual doesn't give a fuck how he's perceived by others.
  10. I am stable. wtf? Relative to last ~100 years of presidents they were the best. That doesn't imply that I think they were "good" in absolute terms from a capitalist perspective. As for why Trump should be in that same grouping it's mostly due to economic things such like lowering taxes, reducing regulation, etc. He also actively attacks the Left and the leftist media, which few actually have the balls to do, calling them out on their bullshit. America as a whole is increasingly trending to the far left and the main cause is the media speaking in lockstep from a leftist perspective, and t
  11. Yeah, I hate conservatives which is why I'm a Capitalist. The point wasn't *who's* presenting facts, but that what the Leftist media presents is mostly biased opinions and lies. Also Trump at his worst is infinitely better than any of the Democrats at their best. At least he's not an explicitly evil man, even if some of his opinions, positions, and actions are sometimes evil like trade wars, anti-immigration, religion, etc. Again, I'm *not* a Trump supporter nor did I, or will I, vote for the man. I'm saying he is the least evil compared to anyone on the Left. I'll add since you
  12. You've been watching and reading to many Leftist news programs and articles if you think most of this is true. Which is not hard because it's the vast majority of sources available. Hint: Block the site when they make unreasonable accusations about Trump until you are only left with news that is neutral. I'm not Pro-Trump as I think in many ways he's an idiot and some of his positions and actions are immoral, but it's still a fact that he has been far and away the best president since Reagan, George W Bush being a distant second.
  13. Yeah, but is it really 10x more deadly than the flu? I highly suspect that it won't be when all the number come in. I think they will be similar long term, but still allowing that Covid is worse in the short term while there is no vaccine or natural immunity (yet). So I'm not contradicting myself, although I could be wrong about the assumption.
  14. Metaphysically is meant to equal in reality in that quote. Do I actually have to spell out everything exactly and in complete detail in every post to be understood? It's why I rarely post here even though I agree with 95%+ of what most posters are saying.
  15. Besides this being a rather sudden onslaught from a completely new disease, why is this supposedly so metaphysically worse when many diseases cause deaths at about the same order of magnitude, such as the flu?
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