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  1. e^iπ + [ħ ] = Gμν Clayton's Identity
  2. @dream_weaver Thankfully reality is the final arbiter of truth and not other Objectivists who keep their mind stuck in only one version of Schrödinger's cat box. Even the one's I highly respect 😉
  3. Our specific local universe and timeline is just a holographic diorama of the quantum computation of this data. Entangled data is what the universe is as such.
  4. Exactly correct. The Universe is Symmetry. Each spacetime (such as ours) is a inverse holographic manifestation of quantum computation on the event horizon of any given Plank Length area within it with each possible possibility represented as a change within the error bar of the Uncertainty Principle. So emergent in this context means more symmetrical, specifically data symmetry in the case of volitional consciousness.
  5. No, it is our "local" universe. The universe that Miss Rand refers too. It just doesn't include all that exists. This paper describes the concept mathematically. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/267211322_Split_Fibonacci_and_Lucas_Octonions
  6. I will, but not here I think. Also, sorry for not logging in since. I was more or less just using this as a public storage area for this idea as I developed it and integrated it with the physics more explicitly.
  7. There is no contradiction if the our "universe" is actually a holographic diorama of the entire Universe which is a multiverse of multiverses such that E^\[Pi]I +\[CurlyPhi] [HBar] = G\[Mu]\[Nu]
  8. My newest integration and creation I will now call Clayton's Theory of Mind. The universe is deterministic but a rational entity's mind is not because of the existence of emergent contextual volition via a informational phase change at a definite complexity inflection point. The phase change at the inflection point of sufficient complexity of a given entity's consciousness changes deterministic factors into the context of the emergent volitional mind.
  9. Also for you Tad, I don't possess floating abstractions (or very few anyway and with these concepts certainly not), and am not prone to any type of intrinsicism nor rationalism. In fact, I'm quite certain that I could teach a class in Objectivist epistemology accurately if I so chose to. But yeah, keep your random straw man attacks coming bro👍
  10. Not true. You and I are rational thinking biological machines and are neither deterministic nor programmed by anyone but ourselves. If nature can create a thinking machine via billions of years of evolution, then man also can. To deny that fact would be a blatant contradiction. This must have been what it was like about 125ish years ago having to argue with someone that human flight would soon be possible while they clearly falsely claimed it is impossible as birds flew overhead. 😂
  11. You're wrong and I could prove it, but have a million things to do and don't really have the time to argue/explain it in detail. But here's a quick question for you: why do believe that another type of rational (read: moral) entity running a moral government would be contrary to rights preservation? Only answer in the context of an general "artificial" intelligence with efficient thinking abilities many orders of magnitude advanced of the brightest current (non-brain technology interfaced) humans?
  12. I've described my solution to this, an AI "dictator" in control of an advanced drone force. And I suppose we could still have a more normal police force too, as long as they aren't allowed to possess any type of weapons. Police shouldn't have access to weapons as part of their job contract so that they can't terrorize the people who's rights they are supposed to protect, like they currently do.
  13. I agree with you under your relatively common definition. I should have, and almost did put the word empire in scare quotes because I just mean a one-world truly Capitalist government, you can call it whatever you want. There's zero point in having competing "nations" on the planet, especially as we begin to become an interplanetary species.
  14. That's an overstatement. What if the US united the world under a single Capitalist empire. That wouldn't be bad in any sense if we were talking about true Capitalism.
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