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  1. I went to England for a short visit about 8 years ago. In all that I experienced on that trip, the one image that has stuck in my mind more than any other is of aging women. They were everywhere, and yet I didn't see ONE who seemed over the age of, say, 60, who wasn't hobbling on a cane. Here in America, such a sight is really relatively rare. Sure, you see women and men with canes or walkers, but typically much older and toting oxygen tanks, etc.--suffering from other ailments. In America, walking is not considered a luxury. I asked my English step-aunt about the gimpy-old-lady phenomenon
  2. Invictus, Do you mind my asking where you found that quote by Lincoln? I love it.
  3. Millions did "volunteer" to join the military at that point in time--faced with the prospect of being drafted, and then being sent into relatively crappy conditions in the army, many young men enlisted in branches or areas of service that they considered more tolerable, or at least less deadly. My grandpa enlisted in the Navy knowing full well he was likely to be drafted as Army infantry. He had just started courting my grandmother--he would not have gone into the military at all had the situation been otherwise. My point: When you institute a draft, seeing rising numbers of enlistees doesn't
  4. A point just occured to me....I go to a California state university. My education is heavily subsidized by the "masses" of California, my family included, and I will heavily subsidize the education of many others like myself, by force, in whichever state I choose to live. The survival of the state school system, and the survival of my many professors' careers, depends on my (and the rest of those who are the products of public education's) willingness to acquiesce to such a system, hence thier self-serving interest in pursuading me that this forced-altruistic system is morally correct. On
  5. Colorado State Senator Attacks University Bias "Critics accused the senator of cooking up a quota scheme for conservative professors and encouraging students to blacklist and snitch on their teachers." Ackowledgement is the first step to solving a problem, even if the law doesn't pass (and I doubt it will), but I'm not so sure force is the way to resolve the issue. It's the way THEY play the game, and I despise it. What do you guys think?
  6. I had an enlightening experience this past weekend that I want a few other viewpoints on. I was out shooting a short film in downtown Sacramento last weekend, where I found the Democratic convention across the street from where I was filming and found myself constantly being harrassed by various liberal groups (i.e. "Old Broads for Peace" picketers, among others who had stuck long PVC pipes down thier clothing mounted with banners). I turned my camera from the architecture on my side of the street to the activity on thier side of the street. When I go back and watch the footage, you can
  7. How do you end this cycle? I asked another Objectivist once, he said he thought it would never happen unless the entire 'system' collapsed. I have not yet found any other way through which it might end...What do you guys think about this? Wouldn't that then mean that it would then be moral and beneficial to try to push the collapse of the current government/social system?
  8. Yeah...that does make a lot of sense. Thank you.
  9. hmmm...that's a really good point. Thank you, I'll have to think on that.
  10. But isn't that just feeding the cycle, from both ends?
  11. Hey Ash, if you don't mind answering your question for Jennifer... OCN is a list run by the Ayn Rand Institute for college students to network around the country and exchange ideas on Objectivism as they relate to club functions, and other stuff. It comes in handy. You can join at http://www.aynrand.org/campus/join.html . *end plug* ~Heather
  12. I'm Heather in Sacramento, California. I like this site. I like the idea behind it. My aim is AdpiHeather. I'm not a web programmer, but let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
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