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  1. I'm looking for notes by Objectivists from past primaries or elections to bring up as context for this election in a local Objectivist group meeting. Being very new to the philosophy I lack a lot of the resources and ability to find them. If you folks could point me in the direction of some of these resources and how to obtain them I would be greatful. And if this was entirely the wrong forum to ask for help I apolagize.
  2. I go to CMU and wouldn't mind starting an Objectivist club there. Mostly I want to stop feeling like I'm the only one interested in this valley.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I find myself ill-equipped to properly argue against many of the practical arguments presented against the philosophy and this most certainly helps.
  4. My question relates to the morality of current government programs like the fire department and some EMS divisions. I personally believe that no one should be forced to pay for these programs, but how would one go about defending against the practical argument of saving lives with them? My friend, whom I've introduced to the Objectivist philosophy generally appreciates it, but he is working to become an EMS tech with his local fire department and he insists that these programs are necessary, either because he cannot see an alternative or because it sounds awful to him to let someone die, o
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